KERALA-PSC-AUTOMOBILES Related Question Answers

1. Transplantation of Human Organs Act passed in India

2. In which Part of the Constitution explains the process of “Elections” ?

3. Name the social reformer whose son was Nataraja Guru

4. The year in which “Kuttamkulam Satyagraha” took place

5. Founder of ‘Araya Samajam’

6. In which year Sree Narayana Guru install Siva idol at Aruvippuram ?

7. ln which year Nair Service Society was founded ?

8. in which year the Govt of India launched Kudumbasree ?

9. Which Article gave special status to Delhi ?

10. Who led “Achipudava Samaram” ?

11. Which is the headquarter of Theosophical society in India ?

12. Founder of “Bashaposhini Sabha”

13. Name the magazine started by Basel Mission to familiarize Malayalee with the history and geography of Europe.

14. Which Article makes the Supreme Court the defender and guaranteer of the Fundamental Rights ?

15. Which is the 24 hours Working - Gender Help Desk of Kudumbasree ?

16. Who is the author of “Onnekalkodi Malayalikal” ?

17. Leader of ‘Pattini Jatha’ from Kannur to Madras

18. Who is the President of Congress Session held at Amaravathi in 1897 ?

19. Name the person who died as a martyr in Paliyam Satyagraha

20. Name the Diwan who gave permission to Channar Women to wear jackets

21. The characteristic that is enhanced by the use of cylinder sleeves is

22. The anti-knock property of compression ignition engine fuel can be improved by adding

23. The major purpose of an electronically controlled automatic transmission is that this type of transmission

24. In a forced feed lubrication system, the device used to guard against excessive oil pressure, is known as

25. The aspect ratio (expressed in percentage) of the tyre is defined as the ratio of

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