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1. Which of the following is not used as a binder in coal briquetting ?

2. Size of blast furnace grade coke is __________ mm.

3. Presence of __________ in a dry gaseous fuel does not contribute to its calorific value.

4. The internal energy of the combustion products is __________ compared to that of reactants.

5. Which of the following is not a product of tar distillation ?

6. Junker's calorimeter is used to determine the calorific value of

7. Combustion reaction of fuels is a/an __________ reaction.

8. Improper storage condition results in the weathering of coal and spontaneous combustion, which increases its

9. Which of the following constituents of coal is the most important in the production of coke?

10. High temperature in gasification of coal favours

11. Stack heat losses can be minimised by

12. Laboratory gas is obtained by the cracking of

13. Bituminous coal

14. Ratio of primary air to secondary air increases with increase in the rank of coal, because the

15. A coal having high amount of volatile matter

16. Carbon Content by weight in air dried wood may be about __________ percent.

17. Which of the following accentuates clinker-ing trouble on furnace grate burning coal ?

18. Natural draught produced by a chimney depends upon the

19. Gross & net calorific value is the same for

20. Higher percentage of ash in coal meant for the production of metallurgical grade coke

21. Combustion of pulverised coal as compared to that of lump coal

22. 'Wobbe index' is a characteristic of

23. A coal with high ash content is undesirable, as

24. Presence of free moisture in coal during its high temperature carbonisation

25. Gray King Assay and Swelling Index of a coal is a measure of its

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