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1. for fully open globe value may be around

2. Lug support is

3. Pick out the wrong statement pertaining to the use of valve tray, seive tray and bubble cap trays in continuous distillation column.

4. With increase in the number of shell passes, the value of FT

5. Holes of a sieve tray are arranged in triangular pitch of __________ times the hole diameter.

6. In case of a shell and tube heat exchanger, the minimum shell thickness for carbon steel (inclusive of corrosion allowance) depends on shell diameter and is in the range of __________ mm.

7. The stress developed in a material without any permanent set is called the

8. In a shell and tube heat exchanger, the 'tube pitch' is defined as the

9. Which of the following is not a valid assumption in continuous binary distillation for calculating the number of equilibrium stages by Mc-Cabe-Thiele's method ?

10. Overall distillation column efficiency for most of the refinery columns can be given by (for μ = 0.07 - 1.4 cp and relative volatility < 4) (where η = overall column efficiency, % μ = molal average viscosity of feed at average column temperature and pressure, cp Δp = pressure drop per tray, psi)

11. The value of fouling factor depends upon the

12. In case of bubble cap distillation column of diameter greater than 1.2 metres, the cap diameter is roughly about __________ cms.

13. Tube side pressure drop in a 1-2 heat exchanger (for turbulent flow of fluids through the tubes) is about __________ times, that in a 1-1 heat exchanger having the same size & number of tubes and operated at the same liquid flow rate.

14. To keep the power input constant for a stirred vessel operating under fully developed turbulent flow conditions (constant power number), if the impeller diameter is increased by 20%, the impeller speed should be decreased by a factor of

15. In a heat exchanger, shell side fluid velocity can be changed by changing the tube

16. Where does the maximum tensile strength occur in a thick cylindrical vessel subjected to internal pressure ?

17. It is not desirable to design a heat exchanger for LMTD correction factor, FT, of less than

18. A rivetted joint does not fail by __________ of rivets.

19. Triangular pitch tube layout as compared to square pitch in a shell and tube heat exchanger

20. Bracket supports are the most suitable for supporting __________ vessels.

21. In a multipass shell and tube heat exchanger, the shell side cross flow area does not depend upon

22. Two iron pipes of the same nominal diameter but different schedule numbers will have the same

23. Steam side heat transfer co-efficient for design consideration under ordinary condition can be assumed to be about __________ kcal/hr.m2.°C.

24. Lessing ring is formed by the addition of a partition across the centre of a raschig ring, which results in an area increase of about __________ percent.

25. In chemical process equipments, the conical bottom heads used, usually has an apex angle of

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