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1. Who has won the 2016 World Blitz Chess Championship?

2. Who has been appointed as an Adviser (policy & planning) in the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA)?

3. Name the Karnataka Minister who passed away recently while he was in Chikkamagaluru to attend the silver jubilee celebrations of the Transport Cooperative Society at Koppa?

4. Name China's table tennis Olympic champion who announced her retirement through social media in January 2017.

5. It is with this country India reached an agreement on fisherman issue.

6. Who has been appointed as the new leader of People's Party of Arunachal?

7. The book "Death Under The Deodars: The Adventures of Miss Ripley-Bean" has been authored by whom?

8. Who was appointed as Executive Director of RBI in place of US Paliwal?

9. Which country has become the first in the world to pay basic income to randomly picked citizens on national level?

10. K V Pusa, who passed away recently, was the noted politician of which state?

11. H S Mahadeva Prasad, who passed away recently, was the Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of which constituency?

12. "OnChat" a chatbot service has been launched by which bank to allow users to make payments through Facebook Messenger?

13. Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar was sworn in as the 44th Chief Justice of India. He succeeds

14. The World Braille Day (WBD) is observed on which date?

15. Who won the 2016 Mubadala World Tennis Championship?

16. Who has been sworn-in as the new Chief Justice of India (CJI)?

17. Renowned English art critic John Berger recently passed away. He had won the 1972 Booker Prize for which of the following novels?

18. What is the India's rank in offering highest salaries to expats, as per 2016 HSBC Expat Explorer Survey?

19. Which multilateral organisation lifted 3-year ban on import of vegetables from India?

20. Name the Australian opening batsman who was recently inducted into ICC Hall of Fame posthumously.

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