database-introduction-to-sql Related Question Answers

1. A view is which of the following?

2. The command to eliminate a table from a database is:

3. ON UPDATE CASCADE ensures which of the following?

4. SQL data definition commands make up a(n) ________ .

5. Which of the following is valid SQL for an Index?

6. The SQL keyword(s) ________ is used with wildcards.

7. Which of the following is the correct order of keywords for SQL SELECT statements?

8. A subquery in an SQL SELECT statement is enclosed in:

9. The result of a SQL SELECT statement is a(n) ________ .

10. Which of the following are the five built-in functions provided by SQL?

11. In an SQL SELECT statement querying a single table, according to the SQL-92 standard the asterisk () means that:

12. The HAVING clause does which of the following?

13. The SQL -92 wildcards are ____ and ____ .

14. To remove duplicate rows from the results of an SQL SELECT statement, the ________ qualifier specified must be included.

15. The benefits of a standard relational language include which of the following?

16. Which of the following do you need to consider when you make a table in SQL?

17. SQL query and modification commands make up a(n) ________ .

18. When three or more AND and OR conditions are combined, it is easier to use the SQL keyword(s):

19. The Microsoft Access wildcards are ____ and ____ .

20. One consistent feature found in the history of Southern India was the growth of small reiognal kingdoms rather than large empires because of?

21. Which one of the following sorts rows in SQL?

22. To sort the results of a query use:

23. To define what columns should be displayed in an SQL SELECT statement:

24. SQL can be used to:

25. The SQL statement that queries or reads data from a table is ________ .

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