digital-electronics-number-systems-and-codes Related Question Answers

1. One hex digit is sometimes referred to as a(n):

2. Which of the following is the most widely used alphanumeric code for computer input and output?

3. If a typical PC uses a 20-bit address code, how much memory can the CPU address?

4. Convert 59.7210 to BCD.

5. Convert 8B3F16 to binary.

6. Which is typically the longest: bit, byte, nibble, word?

7. Assign the proper odd parity bit to the code 111001.

8. Convert decimal 64 to binary.

9. Convert hexadecimal value C1 to binary.

10. Convert the following octal number to decimal. 178

11. Convert the following binary number to octal. 0101111002

12. How many binary digits are required to count to 10010?

13. The BCD number for decimal 347 is ________.

14. The binary number for octal 458 is ________.

15. The sum of 11101 + 10111 equals ________.

16. Convert the following binary number to decimal. 100110102

17. The decimal number 188 is equal to the binary number ________.

18. Convert the following binary number to octal. 0011010112

19. How many bits are in an ASCII character?

20. A binary number's value changes most drastically when the ________ is changed.

21. Convert decimal 213 to binary.

22. The decimal number for octal 748 is ________.

23. The sum of the two BCD numbers, 0011 + 0011, is ________.

24. Convert binary 01001110 to decimal.

25. Which is not a word size?

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