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1. What is the instantaneous peak voltage at 250° on a 6 V peak sine wave?

2. Calculate the positive-going slope of the waveform in the given circuit.

3. A rectangular wave that has a duty cycle of 50% could be called a

4. Calculate the duty cycle of the repetitive pulse waveform in the given circuit.

5. The effective value of a sine wave is equal to

6. What is the dc voltage of the waveform in the given circuit?

7. What is the fourth harmonic of a fundamental frequency of 400 Hz?

8. What is the peak voltage across R3 in the given circuit?

9. Which point is the trailing edge of the repetitive pulse waveform in the given circuit?

10. A single-phase induction motor

11. What is the average voltage when a rectangular wave's base line voltage is 20 V, its peak-to-peak voltage is 50 V, and its duty cycle is 20%?

12. One revolution of a conductor through the magnetic field of a basic generator will produce two complete sine waves.

13. A sine wave's peak-to-peak voltage value is always twice its peak voltage value.

14. If a wave has frequency of 2 Hz, it has a period of ?

15. 90° equals 1.57 radians.

16. A 1 Hz sine wave has a period of 1 s.

17. The instantaneous voltage at 120° on a 5 V peak sine wave equals about –4.33 V.

18. A sine wave has only one positive maximum point during a cycle.

19. The sine of a given angle is equal to the ratio of the hypotenuse to the opposite side.

20. The square, rectangular, and sawtooth waveforms are nonsymmetrical.

21. 10,000 cycles will occur in 5 s if a sine wave's frequency equals 2 kHz.

22. If you increase the rotational speed of the conductor in a basic generator, the frequency of the resulting sine wave voltage will increase.

23. The rms voltage value is a measure of a sine wave's heating effect.

24. The frequency of the repetitive pulse waveform in the given circuit equals ___.

25. What is ‘Zero Hour’?

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