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1. An RC coupled amplifier has an open loop gain of 200 and a lower cutoff frequency of 50 Hz. If negative feedback with β = 0.1 is used, the lower cut off frequency will be

2. In figure v1 = 8 V and v2 = 4 V. Which diode will conduct?

3. The load impedance ZL of a CE amplifier has R and L in series. The phase difference between output and input will be

4. If an amplifier with gain of - 1000 and feedback factor β = - 0.1 had a gain change of 20% due to temperature, the change in gain of the feedback amplifier would be

5. In figure The minimum and maximum load currents are

6. In figure, VEB = 0.6 V, β = 99. Then VC and IC are

7. The input impedance of op-amp circuit of figure is

8. In a BJT circuit a pnp transistor is replaced by npn transistor. To analyse the new circuit

9. To protect the diodes in a rectifier and capacitor input filter circuit it is necessary to use

10. The output V0 in figure is

11. In a CE amplifier the input impedance is equal to the ratio of

12. For a system to work, as oscillator the total phase shift of the loop gain must be equal to

13. An amplifier has a large ac input signal. The clipping occurs on both the peaks. The output voltage will be nearly a

14. The transistor of following figure in Si diode with a base current of 40 μA and ICBO = 0, if VBB = 6V, RE = 2 kΩ and β = 90, IBQ = 20 μA then RB =

15. In the amplifier circuit of figure hfe = 100 and hie = 1000 Ω. The voltage gain of amplifier is about

16. The efficiency of a full wave rectifier using centre tapped transformer is twice that in full wave bridge rectifier.

17. Assertion (A): CE amplifier is the most widely used BJT amplifierReason (R): CE amplifier has zero phase difference between input and output

18. Assertion (A): For large signal variations an amplifier circuit has to be analysed graphicallyReason (R): The output characteristics of a transistor is nonlinear.

19. Negative feedback reduces noise originating at the amplifier input.

20. Maximum efficiency of class B power amplifier is 50%.

21. In figure what is the base current if VBE = 0.7 V

22. In figure ID = 4 mA. Then VS =

23. The self bias provides

24. In figure what is value of IC if βdc = 100. Neglect VBE

25. Consider the following statements : A clamper circuit adds or subtracts a dc voltage to a waveformdoes not change the waveformamplifiers the waveform Which are correct?

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