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1. Expression ++i is equivalent to

2. To multiply a number by 8 in 8085 we have to use RAL instruction

3. IC (instruction cycle), FC (fetch cycle) and EC (executive cycle) are related as

4. Which of the following is not a valid variable name in C?

5. When .4546 E 5 and .5433 E 7 are to be added in normalized floating point mode

6. Computer virus can hide itself in a diskette but not in a hard disk.

7. The size of cache memory in most microcomputers is about

8. Which of the following computer memories is fastest?

9. During processing the instructions, data, intermediate results and final results in a computer are held in

10. Z flag is reset if an ALU operation results in 0.

11. The power requirements of a DRAM in active and stand by modes is about

12. Which of the following is not a valid real constant in C?

13. In a computer the instructions, data, intermediate and final results during processing are held in ALU.

14. The number of storage classes in C is

15. Most of the memory chips in static RAM

16. The interface chip for 8086 and 16 bit ADC is

17. Which of the following real variable names is not valid in Fortran?

18. Temporary register in 8085 is a 16 bit register.

19. In which computer language is 'break' statement used

20. In a microprocessor

21. Assertion (A): If source and destination addresses are made implicit the length of instruction is reduced.Reason (R): 8085 has only 3 addressing modes.

22. Assertion (A): Microprocessor 8085 has on-chip oscillator with inbuilt crystal.Reason (R): For frequency stability crystal oscillator is preferred.

23. Consider the following program in Pascal

X = 2.57
X = (X + 0.06) 10
X = I
X = X / 10.0

The final value of X would be

24. Consider the following The first letter of a Java variable is lower case.Each successive word in Java variable begins with a capital letter.All other letters are lower case.A Java variable can have a digit as first character. Which of the above are correct?

25. Consider the following DO statement in Fortran 77

DO 52 N = 1, 10, 3

The number of DO loop executions in the above statement is

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