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26. Statement: Should government jobs in rural areas have more incentives? Arguments: Yes. Incentives are essential for attracting government servants there. No. Rural areas are already cheaper, healthier and less complex than big cities. So ? Why offer extra incentives!

27. Statement: Should there be a cap on maximum number of contestants for parliamentary elections in any constituency? Arguments: Yes. This will make the parliamentary elections more meaningful as the voters can make a considered judgement for casting their vote. No. In a democracy any person fulfilling the eligibility criteria can contest parliamentary elections and there should be no restrictions.

28. Statement: Should so much money be spent on advertisements? Arguments: Yes. It is an essential concomitant in a capitalist economy. No. It leads to wastage of resources.

29. Statement: Should all the legislators be forced to resign from their profession? Arguments: Yes. They will be able to devote more time for the country. No, nobody will contest election.

30. Statement: Should 'computer knowledge' be made a compulsory subject for all the students at secondary school level? Arguments: No, our need is 'bread' for everyone, we cannot follow western models. Yes. We cannot compete in the international market without equipping our children with computers.

31. Statement: Should there be uniforms for students in the colleges in India as in the schools? Arguments: Yes, this will improve the ambience of the colleges as all the students will be decently dressed. No. The college students should not be regimented and they should be left to choose their clothes for coming to the college.

32. Statement: Should India engage into a dialogue with neighbouring countries to stop cross border tension? Arguments: Yes. This is the only way to reduce the cross border terrorism and stop loss of innocent lives. No. Neighbouring countries cannot be relied upon in such matters, they may still engage in subversive activities.

33. Statement: Should there be a world government? Arguments: Yes. It will help in eliminating tensions among the nations. No. Then, only the developed countries will dominate in the government.

34. Statement: Should the practice of transfers of clerical cadre employees from government offices of one city to those of another be stopped? Arguments: No. Transfer of employees is a routine administrative matter and we must continue it. Yes. It involves lot of governmental expenditure and inconvenience too many compared to the benefits it yields.

35. Statement: Is paying ransom or agreeing to the conditions of kidnappers of political figures, a proper course of action? Arguments: Yes. The victims must be saved at all cost. No. It encourages the kidnappers to continue their sinister activities.

36. Statement: Should religion be banned? Arguments: Yes. It develops fanaticism in people. No, Religion binds people together.

37. Statement: Should India become a permanent member of UN's Security Council? Arguments: Yes. India has emerged as a country which loves peace and amity. No. Let us first solve problems of our own people like poverty, malnutrition.

38. Statement: Should fashionable dresses be banned? Arguments: Yes. Fashions keep changing and hence consumption of cloth increases. No. Fashionable clothes are a person's self expression and therefore his/her fundamental right.

39. Statement: Should an organization like UNO be dissolved? Arguments: Yes. With cold war coming to an end, such organizations have no role to play No, In the absence of such organizations there may be a world war.

40. Statement: Should there be no place of interview in selection? Arguments: Yes, it is very subjective in assessment. No. It is the only instrument to judge candidates' motives and personality.

41. Statement: Should family planning be made compulsory in India? Arguments: Yes. Looking to the miserable conditions in India, there is no other go. No. In India there are people of various religions and family planning is against the tenets of some of the religions.

42. Statement: Should income tax be abolished in India? Arguments: Yes. It is an unnecessary burden on the wage earners. No. It is a good source of revenue.

43. Statement: Should there be a ceiling on the salary of top executives of multinationals in our country? Arguments: Yes. Otherwise it would lead to unhealthy competition and our own industry would not be able to withstand that. No. With the accent on liberalization of economy, any such move would be counter-productive. Once the economy picks up, this disparity will be reduced.

44. Statement: Should school education be made free in India? Arguments: Yes. This is the only way to improve the level of literacy. No. It would add to the already heavy burden on the exchequer.

45. Statement: Should import duty on all the electronic goods be dispensed with? Arguments: No. This will considerably reduce the income of the government and will adversely affect the developmental activities. No. The local manufacturers will not be able to compete with the foreign manufacturers who are technologically far superior.

46. Statement: Should children be legally made responsible to take care of their parents during their old age? Arguments: Yes. Such matter can only be solved by legal means. Yes. Only this will bring some relief to poor parents.

47. Statement: Should there be reservation in Government jobs for candidates from single child family? Arguments: No. This is not advisable as the jobs should be offered to only deserving candidates without any reservation for a particular group. Yes. This will help reduce the growing population in India as the parents will be encouraged to adopt single child norm.

48. Statement: Should higher education be completely stopped for some time? Arguments: No. It will hamper the country's future progress. Yes. It will reduce the educated unemployment.

49. Statement: Should we scrap the 'Public Distribution System' in India? Arguments: Yes, Protectionism is over, everyone must get the bread on his/her own. Yes. The poor do not get any benefit because of corruption.

50. Statement: Should India have no military force at all? Arguments: No. Other countries in the world do not believe in non-violence. Yes. Many Indians believe in non-violence.

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