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51. Statement: Are nuclear families better than joint families? Arguments: No. Joint families ensure security and also reduce the burden of work. Yes. Nuclear families ensure greater freedom.

52. Statement: Should government stop spending huge amounts of money on international sports? Arguments: Yes. This money can be utilized for upliftment of the poor. No. Sports persons will be frustrated and will not get international exposure.

53. Statement: Should the railways immediately stop issuing free passes to all its employees? Arguments: No. The employees have the right to travel free. Yes. This will help railways to provide better facility.

54. Statement: Should there be compulsory medical examination of both the man and the woman before they marry each other? Arguments: No. This is an intrusion to the privacy of an individual and hence cannot be tolerated. Yes. This will substantially reduce the risk of giving birth to children with serious ailments.

55. Statement: Should there be a ban on product advertising? Arguments: No. It is an age of advertising. Unless your advertisement is better than your other competitors, the product will not be sold. Yes. The money spent on advertising is very huge and it inflates the cost of the product.

56. Statement: Should luxury hotels be banned in India? Arguments: Yes. They are places from where international criminals operate. No. Affluent foreign tourists will have no place to stay.

57. Statement: Should shifting agriculture be practised? Arguments: No. It is a wasteful practice. Yes. Modern methods of farming are too expensive.

58. Statement: Should our country extend generous behaviour and goodwill to our erring and nagging neighbours? Arguments: Yes. Goodwill always pays dividend. No. Our generous behaviour and goodwill will be considered as our weakness.

59. Statement: Is pen mightier than a sword? Arguments: Yes. Writers influence the thinking of the people. No. With the help of physical force one can conquer all.

60. Statement: Should the sex determination test during pregnancy be completely banned? Arguments: Yes. This leads to indiscriminate female foeticide and eventually will lead to social imbalance. No. People have a right to know about their unborn child.

61. Statement: Should persons convicted of criminal offences in the past be allowed to contest elections in India? Arguments: No. Such persons cannot serve the cause of the people and country. Yes. It is democracy - let people decide whom to vote.

62. Statement: Should officers accepting bribe be punished? Arguments: No. Certain circumstances may have compelled them to take bribe. Yes. They should do the job they are entrusted with, honestly.

63. Statement: Should there be a complete ban on use of all types of chemical pesticides in India? Arguments: No. The pests will destroy all the crops and the farmers will have nothing to harvest. Yes. The chemical pesticides used in agriculture pollute the water underground and this has become a serious health hazard.

64. Statement: Should cutting of trees be banned altogether? Arguments: Yes. It is very much necessary to do so to restore ecological balance. No. A total ban would harm timber based industries.

65. Statement: Should there be a restriction on the migration of people from one state to another state in India? Arguments: No. Any Indian citizen has a basic right to stay at any place of his/her choice and hence they cannot be stopped. Yes. This is the way to effect an equitable distribution of resources across the states in India.

66. Statement: Should all refugees, who make unauthorized entry into a country, be forced to go back to their homeland? Arguments: Yes. They make their colonies and occupy a lot of land. No. They leave their homes because of hunger or some terror and on human grounds, should not be forced to go back.

67. Statement: Should India create a huge oil reserve like some Western countries to face difficult situations in future? Arguments: No. There is no need to block huge amount of foreign exchange and keep the money idle. Yes. This will help India withstand shocks of sudden rise in oil prices due to unforeseen circumstances.

68. Statement: Should there be more than one High Court in each state in India? Arguments: No. This will be a sheer wastage of taxpayers' money. Yes. This will help reduce the backlog of cases pending for a very long time.

69. Statement: Should judiciary be independent of the executive? Arguments: Yes. This would help curb the unlawful activities of the executive. No. The executive would not be able to take bold measures.

70. Statement: Should all the practising doctors be brought under Government control so that they get salary from the Government and treat patients free of cost? Arguments: No. How can any country do such an undemocratic thing? Yes. Despite many problems, it will certainly help minimize, if not eradicate, unethical medical practices.

71. Statement: Should students take part in politics? Arguments: Yes. It inculcates in them qualities of leadership. No. They should study and build up their career.

72. Statement: Should the opinion polls predicting outcome of elections before the elections be banned in India? Arguments: Yes. This may affect the voters mind and may affect the outcome. No. Such polls are conducted all over the world.

73. Statement: Should the political parties be banned? Arguments: Yes. It is necessary to teach a lesson to the politicians. No. It will lead to an end of democracy.

74. Statement: Should system of offering jobs only to the wards of government employees be introduced in all government offices in India? Arguments: No. It denies opportunity to many deserving individuals and government may stand to lose in the long run. No. It is against the principle of equality, does not government owe its responsibility to all its citizens?

75. Statement: Should the vehicles older than 15 years be rejected in metros in India? Arguments: Yes. This is a significant step to lower down the pollution level in metros. No. It will be very difficult for vehicle owners to shift to other parts in country because they will not get suitable job for their very existence.

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