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101. Statement: Should India go in for computerization in all possible sectors? Arguments: Yes. It will bring efficiency and accuracy in the work. No. It will be an injustice to the monumental human resources which are at present underutilized. No. Computerization demands a lot of money. We should not waste money on it.Yes. When advanced countries are introducing computers in every field, how can India afford to lag behind?

102. Statement: Should all the school teachers be debarred from giving private tuitions? Arguments: No. The needy students will be deprived of the expertise of these teachers. Yes. This is an injustice to the unemployed educated people who can earn their living by giving tuitions. Yes. Only then the quality of teaching in schools will improve.Yes. Now salary of these teachers is reasonable.

103. Statement: Should education be made compulsory for all children up to the age of 14? Arguments: Yes. This will help to eradicate the system of forced employment of these children. Yes. This is an effective way to make the entire population educated. No. We do not have adequate infrastructure to educate the entire population.Yes. This would increase the standard of living.

104. Statement: Should trade unions be banned completely? Arguments: Yes. Workers can concentrate on production. No. This is the only way through which employees can put their demands before the management. Yes. Employees get their illegal demands fulfilled through these unions.No. Trade unions are not banned in other economically advanced countries.

105. Statement: Should the public sector undertakings be kilo wed to adopt hire and fire policy? Arguments: Yes. This will help the public sector undertakings to get rid of non-performing employees and reward the performing employees. No. This will give an unjust handle to the management and they may use it indiscriminately. Yes. This will help increase the level of efficiency of these organizations and these will become profitable establishments.

106. Statement: Is caste-based reservation policy in professional colleges justified? Arguments: Yes. The step is a must to bring the underprivileged at par with the privileged ones. No. It obstructs the establishment of a classless society. Yes. This will help the backward castes and classes of people to come out of the oppression of upper caste people.

107. Statement: Should there be a complete ban on genetically modified imported seeds? Arguments: Yes. This will boost the demand of domestically developed seeds. No. This is the only way to increase production substantially. Yes. Genetically modified products will adversely affect the health of those who consume these products.

108. Statement: Should the income generated out of agricultural activities be taxed? Arguments: No. Farmers are otherwise suffering from natural calamities and low yield coupled with low procurement price and their income should not be taxed. Yes. Majority of the population is dependent on agriculture and hence their income should be taxed to augment the resources. Yes. Many big farmers earn much more than the majority of the service earners and they should be taxed to remove the disparity.

109. Statement: Should all the management institutes in the country be brought under government control? Arguments: No. The government does not have adequate resources to run such institutes effectively. No. Each institute should be given freedom to function on its own. Yes. This will enable to have standardized education for all the students.Yes. Only then the quality of education would be improved.

110. Statement: Should the system of Lok Adalats and mobile courts be encouraged in India? Arguments: Yes. It helps to grant speedy justice to the masses. Yes. The dispensing of minor cases at this level would reduce the burden on the higher courts. No. These courts are usually partial in justice.

111. Statement: Should India acquire/manufacture the latest nuclear weapons? Arguments: Yes. The enemies of India are improving their weapons continuously and it becomes imperative to protect the sovereignty and integrity of the country. No. Instead the money should be diverted to development activities. No. The international community will isolate Indians and this will bring a setback to Indian economy.No. It will be against our policy of maintaining world peace.

112. Statement: Should there be a complete ban on manufacture and use of firecrackers? Arguments: No. This will render thousands of workers jobless. Yes. The firecracker manufacturers use child labour to a large extent. Yes. This will be a concrete step to reduce noise and air pollution.No. Use of firecrackers makes certain special occasions more lively and joyful.

113. Statement: Should "literacy" be the minimum criterion for becoming a voter in India? Arguments: No. Mere literacy is no guarantee of political maturity of an individual. Yes. Illiterate people are less likely to make politically wiser decisions of voting for a right candidate or party. No. Voting is the constitutional right of every citizen.

114. Statement: Should there be only few banks in place of numerous smaller banks in India? Arguments: Yes. This will help secure the investor's money as these big banks will be able to withstand intermittent market related shocks. No. A large number of people will lose their jobs as after the merger many employees will be redundant. Yes. This will help consolidate the entire banking industry and will lead to healthy competition.

115. Statement: Should religion be taught in our schools? Arguments: No. Ours is a secular state. Yes. Teaching religion helps inculcate moral values among children. No. How can one dream of such a step when we want the young generation to fulfil its role in the 21st century.

116. Statement: Should the parliamentary elections in India be held every three years as against five years at present? Arguments: No. This will enhance wastage of money and resources. Yes. This will help the voters to change non-performing representatives without much delay. No. The elected representatives will not have enough time to settle and concentrate on developmental activities.

117. Statement: Should the number of holidays of government employees be reduced? Arguments: Yes. Our government employees are having the maximum number of holidays among the countries of the world. Yes. It is a sign of British legacy, why should we carry it further? Yes. It will speed up work and all the pending jobs can be completed well in time.No. Employees must be given ample spare time to spend with their family.

118. Statement: Should class IV children have Board examination? Arguments: Yes. This will motivate the children to study and get higher marks, and thus more knowledge can be imbibed at a younger age. No. The children will be forced to study and won't enjoy the process. Yes. In today's competitive world the children need to be prepared right from the beginning to face such difficult examinations.No. This will add pressure on tender aged children and leave very little time for them to play.

119. Statement: Should the rule of wearing helmet for both driver and pillion rider while driving a motor bike be enforced strictly? Arguments: Yes. It is a rule and rules should be followed strictly by all. No. Each individual knows how to protect his own life and it should be left to his discretion. No. It does not ensure safety as only the head is protected and rest of the body is not.Yes. It is a necessity as head, being the most sensitive organ, is protected by the helmet.

120. Statement: Should all the students graduating in any discipline desirous of pursuing post-graduation of the subjects of their choice be allowed to enrol in the post-graduate courses? Arguments: Yes. The students are the best judge of their capabilities and there should not be restrictions for joining post-graduate courses. No. The students need to study relevant subjects in graduate courses to enrol in post-graduate courses and the students must fulfil such conditions. No. There are not enough institutes offering post-graduate courses which can accommodate all the graduates desirous of seeking post-graduate education of their own choice.

121. Statement: Should we impart sex education in schools? Arguments: Yes. All the progressive nations do so. No. We cannot impart it in co-educational schools. Yes. It would certainly help in eradicating the existing misunderstanding and make the younger generation physically and mentally healthier.It will destroy the moral fibre and the highly esteemed value system which we have inherited from our forefathers.

122. Statement: Should coal engines be replaced by electric engines in trains? Arguments: Yes. Coal engines cause a lot of pollution. Yes. Electric engines are good on performance, easy to operate and low on maintenance. No. India does not produce enough electricity to fulfil its domestic needs also.

123. Statement: Should all those who are convicted for heinous crimes like murder or rape, beyond all reasonable doubts be given capital punishment or death penalty? Arguments: No. The death penalty should be given only in very rare and exceptional cases. Yes. This is the only way to punish such people who take others' lives or indulge in inhuman activities. Yes. Such severe punishments only will make people refrain from such heinous acts and the society will be safer.No. Those who are repentant for the crime they committed should be given a chance to improve and lead a normal life.

124. Statement: Should all the profit making public sector units be sold to private companies? Arguments: Yes. This will help the government to augment its resources for implementing the development programmes. No. The private companies will not be able to run these units effectively. Yes. There will be a significant improvement in the quality of services.No. There would not be job security for the employees at all the levels.

125. Statement: Should all the youngsters below 21 years of age be disallowed from going to a beer bar? Arguments: No. It is not correct to prevent matured youngsters above 18 years of age who can vote, from having fun. Yes. The entry fee to such pubs should also be hiked. No. There is no such curb in western countries.Yes. This will help in preventing youngsters from getting into bad company and imbibing bad habits.

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