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126. Statement: Should the government ban all forms of protests including strikes and processions? Arguments: Yes. This is the only way to teach discipline to the employees. No. Government cannot deprive its citizens of their basic rights. Yes. This is the only way to ensure maximum productivity without disruption of work.

127. Statement: Should children be prevented completely from watching television? Arguments: No. We get vital information regarding education through television. Yes. It hampers the study of children. Yes. Young children are misguided by certain programmes featuring sex and violence.No. This is the only way to educate the masses.

128. Statement: Should mercy death be legalized, i.e., all those who are suffering from terminal diseases be allowed to end their lives if they so desire? Arguments: No. Nobody should be allowed to end his/her life at his/her will as this goes against the basic tenets of humanity. Yes. Patients undergoing terrible suffering and having absolutely no chance of recovery should be liberated from suffering through mercy death. No. Even mercy death is a sort of killing and killing can never be legalized.

129. Statement: Should seniority be the only criterion for the promotion? Arguments: No. It would be an injustice to those juniors who are more deserving and suitable for higher positions than their senior counterparts. Yes. Otherwise senior employees do feel humiliated. Yes. Senior employees are more experienced and must be rewarded for the same.

130. Statement: Should admission to all professional courses be made on the basis of past academic performance rather than through entrance tests? Arguments: Yes. It will be beneficial for those candidates who are unable to bear the expenses of entrance tests. Yes. Many deserving candidates securing high marks in their qualifying academic examinations do not perform well on such entrance tests. No. The standard of examinations and assessment conducted by different Boards and universities are not comparable and hence there is a need to conduct entrance tests to calibrate them on a common yardstick.

131. Statement: Should there be reservation of jobs in the organizations in the private sector also as in the public sector undertakings in India? Arguments: Yes. This would give more opportunities of development to the weaker sections of the society and thus help reduce the gap between the affluent and the downtrodden in India. No. The private sector does not get any government assistance and therefore they should not be saddled with such policies. No. Nowhere else in the world such a practice is being followed.No. The management of the private sector undertaking would not agree to such compulsions.

132. Statement: Should workers/employees be allowed to participate in the management of factories in India? Arguments: Yes. It is the present management theory. No. Many workers are illiterate and so their contributions will not be of any value. Yes. Employees-owned companies generally have higher productivity.No. Employee-union ownership drives up salaries and wages.

133. Statement: Should women be given equal opportunity in the matter of employment in every field? Arguments: Yes. They are equally capable. No. They have to shoulder household responsibilities. Yes. They should also go into the outside world.

134. Statement: Should government established higher level Institutes of Technology (IIT's) be privatized? Arguments: Yes. Privatization will make these institutes financially healthy, competitive and quality conscious. Yes. Privatization is the key of the new era - can we survive without it? No. Standard of education of these institutes will fall.

135. Statement: Should there be only one university throughout India? Arguments: Yes. This is the only way to bring about uniformity in the educational standards. No. This is administratively impossible. Yes. This will make the degrees procured by students, comparable for offering jobs.

136. Statement: Should India immediately stop digging coal from its mines? Arguments: Yes. The present stock of coal will not last long if we continue mining at the present rate. No. We do not have alternate energy source of sufficient quantity. No. This will put millions of people at a disadvantage and their lives will get adversely affected and also the industry.

137. Statement: Should all the indirect taxes in India be combined into a single tax on all commodities? Arguments: Yes. This will considerably simplify the tax collection mechanism and the cost of collecting tax will also reduce. Yes. The manufacturers and traders will be benefited by this which in turn will boost tax collection. No. No other country has adopted such system.

138. Statement: Should there be complete ban on Indian professionals seeking jobs elsewhere after getting their education in India? Arguments: Yes. This is the only way to sustain present rate of technological development in India. No. The Indians settled abroad send huge amount of foreign exchange and this constitutes a significant part of foreign exchange reserve. No. The practical knowledge gained by Indians by working in other countries help India develop its economy.

139. Statement: Should there be a total ban on tobacco products and smoking in India? Arguments: Yes. It is wrong to smoke away millions of money. No. It will throw thousands of workers in the tobacco industry out of employment. No. The government will lose huge amount of money as it will not earn by way of taxes on these products.

140. Statement: Should administrative officers be transferred after one or two years? Arguments: Yes. They get friendly with local people and are manipulated by them. No. By the time their policies and schemes start taking shape, they have to leave. No. This will create a lot of administrative hassles and cause a lot of inconvenience to the officers.

141. Statement: Should the consumption of aerated drinks be banned in India? Arguments: Yes. This is the only way to reduce the risk of exposing people to some diseases. No. Each individual should have right to choose what he wants. No. There is no confirmed evidence that such products have adverse effects on human body.Yes. It is banned in many other countries also.

142. Statement: Should India encourage exports, when most things are insufficient for internal use itself? Arguments: Yes. We have to earn foreign exchange to pay for our imports. No. Even selective encouragement would lead to shortages.

143. Statement: Should all the drugs patented and manufactured in Western countries be first tried out on sample basis before giving licence for sale to general public in India? Arguments: Yes. Many such drugs require different doses and duration for Indian population and hence it is necessary. No. This is just not feasible and hence cannot be implemented.

144. Statement: Should India make efforts to harness solar energy to fulfil its energy requirements? Arguments: Yes, Most of the energy sources used at present is exhaustible. No. Harnessing solar energy requires a lot of capital, which India lacks in.

145. Statement: Should there be students union in college/university? Arguments: No. This will create a political atmosphere in the campus. Yes, it is very necessary Students are future political leaders.

146. Statement: Should India give away Kashmir to Pakistan? Arguments: No. Kashmir is a beautiful state. It earns a lot of foreign exchange for India. Yes. This would help settle conflicts.

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