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1. The characteristic that is enhanced by the use of cylinder sleeves is

2. The anti-knock property of compression ignition engine fuel can be improved by adding

3. The major purpose of an electronically controlled automatic transmission is that this type of transmission

4. In a forced feed lubrication system, the device used to guard against excessive oil pressure, is known as

5. The aspect ratio (expressed in percentage) of the tyre is defined as the ratio of

6. The torque available at the contact between driving wheels and road is known as

7. During braking, the brake shoe is moved outward to force the lining against the

8. The main function of an exhaust muffler is the

9. In Diesel engines, the duration between the time of injection and the time of ignition is called

10. An engine has a clearance volume of 100 cm3 and a swept volume of 800 cm3. The compression ratio is

11. The auto ignition in a spark ignition engine means

12. Highest Useful Compression Ratio (HUCR) is the highest compression ratio at which the

13. The cetane rating of Diesel fuel is in the order of

14. A four cylinder engine has a capacity of 2.4 litres. The swept volume of one cylinder is

15. comparison with a radial tyre, one advantage of a bias ply tyre is

16. The component in the radiator of an automobile that increases the boiling point of water is

17. Which part of the automobile tyre is subjected to greatest flexing action ?

18. The function of a governor in automobiles is to

19. If the spark plug deposit indicates black coating of soot, it indicates that the engine has been generally operating on

20. The crescent-shaped cavity on the piston head top surface is called as

21. Problems caused by the wheel imbalance are

22. The torque converter uses __________ to transfer torque

23. The composition of the electrolyte in a fully charged battery is that

24. The air gap between the central electrode and ground (or side) electrode of a spark plug is

25. the specific gravity of acid in a fully charged battery is generall

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