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1. Cast iron is a

2. The hardness is the property of a material due to which it

3. Malleable cast iron is produced

4. Smelting is the process of

5. The percentage of carbon in cast iron varies from

6. The ability of a material to absorb energy in the plastic range is called

7. A material is said to be allotropic, if it has

8. Closed packed hexagonal space lattice is found in

9. The hardness and tensile strength in austenitic stainless steel can be increased by

10. The quenching of steel from the upper critical point results in a fine grained structure.

11. An alloy steel which is work hardenable and which is used to make the blades of bulldozers, bucket wheel excavators and other earth moving equipment contain iron, carbon and

12. Which of the following has a fine gold colour and is used for imitation jewellery?

13. When the steel is normalised, its

14. White cast iron has a high tensile strength and a low compressive strength.

15. Dye penetrant method is generally used to locate

16. The charge is fed into the blast furnace through the

17. A small percentage of boron is added to steel in order to

18. Which of the following process of steel making is in operation at Tata Iron and Steel Works, Jamshedpur?

19. The unit cells

20. Tungsten when added to steel __________ the critical temperature.

21. Silicon when added to copper improves

22. The alloying element which increases residual magnetism and coercive magnetic force in steel for magnets is

23. Cast iron is manufactured in

24. The lower critical point for all steels is

25. Haematite iron ore contains iron about

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