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76. In induction hardening, the depth of hardening is controlled by controlling the voltage.

77. The austenite is a solid solution of carbon or iron carbide in gamma-iron.

78. Which of the following display properties similar to that of steel?

79. Hindalium is an alloy of aluminium and magnesium with a small quantity of chromium.

80. When a low carbon steel is heated upto upper critical temperature

81. The steel widely used for motor car crankshafts is

82. Combined carbon in iron makes the metal

83. Pearlite consists of

84. Incoloy, Hastelloy and Vitallium are __________ temperature alloys.

85. Quenching is not necessary when hardening is done by

86. The iron ore in the charge of blast furnace acts as an iron bearing mineral.

87. Beryllium bronze has

88. The aluminium alloy, mainly used, for anodized utensil manufacture, is

89. The toughness of a material __________ when it is heated.

90. The coordination number of a face centred cubic space lattice is

91. Spheroidal grey cast iron has graphite flakes.

92. Bronze is an alloy of

93. Chromium when added to steel __________ the tensile strength.

94. Which of the following is added in low carbon steels to prevent them from becoming porous?

95. A steel with carbon __________ is known as hypo-eutectoid steel.

96. Free cutting steels

97. The presence of hydrogen in steel causes

98. Tin base white metals are used where the bearings are subjected to

99. The charge of the blast furnace consists of

100. The ability of a material to resist fracture due to high impact loads, is called

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