Basic-Facts-about-Kerala Related Question Answers

1. The Travancore State Congress was formed in?

September 1938.

2. Venice of the East?


3. The Krishnapuram Palace is in?


4. Lakshmi Bai National College of Physical Education is Situated at?

5. Thusharagiri Falls is in?


6. Palakkad Fort was built by?

Hyder Ali of Mysore

7. Famous tourist centre Pookode Lake is in?


8. Kerala was declared the first fully literate state in India on?

9. Mathrubhumi was founded by?

K P Kesava Menon in 1923 from Kozhikode

10. Who was the first Finance Minister of Kerala?

C. Achutha Menon

11. DPEP was started in Kerala in?


12. Njeralathu Ramappoduval was associated with?

Sopana Sangeetham

13. Who is popularly known as the Jhansi of Travancore?

Accama Cherian

14. Thiruvananthapuram Engineering College was started in?


15. The Kayyur Riot against caste system and imperialism was on?

28 march 1941 in Kasargode.

16. Kollam Era was started by?

Rajashekhara 'Varman Kulasekhara.

17. Who was the first to write the biography of Karl Marx in Malayalam?

Swadeshabhimani K. Ramakrishna Pillai

18. Kunchan Memorial is situated in?


19. Which is the biggest irrigation project in Kerala?

Kallada IrrigationProject (KIP)

20. Kumarakom tourist village is in?

Kottayam district

21. Mahodayapuram is the old name of?


22. Hindustan News Print Factory is located at?

Vellur (Kottayam)

23. Who introduced travelling courts in Travancore?

Velu Tampi Dalawa

24. Kalur International Stadium is now known as?

Nehru Stadium

25. The birth place of Chattampi Swamikal?

- Kollur (Kannammula)
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