Basic-Science-Objective Related Question Answers

26. The fifth generation computers (present day)use ?

Artificial Intelligence.

27. The unwanted or non-requested emails are called ?


28. First generation electronic computers were built with?

Vacuum tubes.

29. First commercial computer is called?


30. The first Super Computer installed in India is?

Cray X-MP -14(Made in USA)

31. 1Terabyte= ?

1024 Gigabytes

32. India's first private Internet Service Provider(ISP) was?

Satyam Infoway Ltd.

33. The process of eliminating programming faults is called ?


34. The first Internet movie is ?

Heart Beat.

35. The smallest measurement of memory is?


36. Founder of Satyam Technologies is?


37. Which is the first Bank in India to get online Banking facility?


38. The third generation computers were built with?

Integrated circuits.

39. India's 1st IT company with 100 crore Turn over is ?


40. The function of Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) is?

Perform all the mathematical calculations

41. The first computer graphics used movie is ?

TRON (1982)

42. 1st IT University of India was?


43. Who is the Father of Indian Super Computer?

Dr. Vijay B Bhatnagar.

44. The physical devices of a computer system are called as ?


45. Who invented the Compact Disc?

James T. Russell

46. A blog written by a mobile device like a mobile phone is called ?


47. Name the first known Personal Computer?

The Altair (1975)

48. Online free encyclopedia - Wiki Pedia was introduced by?

Jimmi wales

49. Name the First microprocessor?

Intel 4004

50. ATM system was first launched in London in the year?

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