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1. ABC

Basic knowledge of

2. After all

Despite what has been said or expected

3. All the same


4. All along

All the time; from the beginning

5. All over


6. Along with

In addition to somebody /something; in the same way

7. All day long

For whole day

8. At once


9. At home in

To be strong

10. Again and again

Many times

11. As usual

In the same way as what happens most of the time or in most cases

12. At the latest

No later than the time

13. At heart

Used to say what somebody is really like

14. At the top of

In the highest position; As loudly as possible

15. At length

In the end

16. At enmity with

at hostility

17. At a stretch


18. At the point of

Around; about

19. At all costs

Whatever is needed to achieve something

20. At stake

In danger

21. At variance with

In opposite

22. At all

In any way

23. Ata time

Iii one time

24. At times


25. At large

As a whole; in general
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