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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1513

75651. A zinc diffusion process is called

75652. The accuracy of micrometers, calipers, dial indicators can be checked by a

75653. The type of file used for a wood work is

75654. A taper provided on the pattern for its easy and clean withdrawl from the mould is known as

75655. Kakkanadan is the pen name of?

75656. Lime is sometimes applied to soil in order to?

75657. Which of the following is used as a coolant in nuclear reactors?

75658. They climbed ..........?

75659. Which is the biggest stadium in the world?

75660. Which of the following bacterial colonies fluoresce brick-red in UV light?

75661. Which of the following bacteria is acid-fast?

75662. Lactobacilli constitute the normal flora of

75663. Which of the following bacteria is gram-negative cocci?

75664. The commonest species of Bacteroides in fragilis group, which causes human infection, is

75665. The commonest bacterial cause of cervicofacial actinomycosis is

75666. Which of the following bacteria is moderately saccharolytic?

75667. Lactobacilli grow best under

75668. Which of the following genera is included in the family Bacteroi-daceae?

75669. The bacteria which is predominant flora of the human gut is

75670. The current genus name of a saccharolytic group of Bacteroides is

75671. Colonies resembling molar teeth are produced by

75672. The organic acid present in tomato is?

75673. The prize money of DSC prize for South Asian Literature?

75674. Ranji Trophy is associated with .........?

75675. Colloids?

75676. After opening the door we ......... the room, next to the kitchen.?

75677. Zooxanthellae are algal symbiont that live within coral reef animals. These algae belong to

75678. All algae possess

75679. Algae is a nonvalid taxinomic term that refers to

75680. Which of the following algal divisions is characterized by possession of chlorophylls A and B, paramylon as the energy storage material, and the presence of a pellical instead of a cell wall?

75681. Laminarin is an energy storage material characteristic of

75682. Chlamydomonas and Volvox are similar because

75683. Characteristics used to place algae into divisions include all of the following except

75684. Which algal division never produces motile, flagellated cells among any of its members?

75685. Starch is an energy storage material characteristic of

75686. Number of flagella produced by motile cells in

75687. The algae Chlamydomonas demonstrates a complex life cycle that switches between haploid and diploid forms. This life cycle is called

75688. The number of flagella produced by motile cells in

75689. Algae are classified into 6 groups, technically known as

75690. The __________ is the vegetative body of algae.

75691. Agar, which is the solidifying agent in many bacterial culture media, is part of the cell wall of

75692. The kelps are algae found in

75693. Frustules made of silica are characteristic of

75694. Algae are found in all of the following places except

75695. Which of the following best describes the algae known as diatoms?

75696. Chrysolaminarin is an energy storage material characteristic of

75697. The number of members of the division Phaeophyta that live in freshwater habitats

75698. If it is possible to form a number with the second, the fifth and the eighth digits of the number 31549786 which is the perfect square of a two-digit even number. Which of the following will be the second digit of that even number?

75699. Bioluminescence is a phenomenon associated with

75700. Which of the following algal divisions is characterized by possession of chlorophylls A and B, starch as the energy storage material, cellulosic cell walls and live in freshwater and marine habitats?

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