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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1578

78901. Job rotation is:

78902. Orientation is generally given to:

78903. Stock exchange is:

78904. Un-authorized entry into website is :

78905. Which one is “Public Sector”Bank?

78906. Most visible element of marketing mix:

78907. A mere transfer of ownership of goods from seller to buyer is known as:

78908. Any paid form of non-personal presentation is:

78909. AIDAS indicates:

78910. A registered brand is known as:

78911. Which is “Silent Salesman”?

78912. The Lok Sabha declared in ------- that the broad objectives of economic policy should be to achieve a socialistic pattern of society.?

78913. Which is “Product line”?

78914. ”Sun silk Shampoo”sample pack given with manorama weekly-is an example of:

78915. ”Caveat emptor”means:

78916. First Indo-Pak war was started in the year:

78917. Who was the founder of the Greater Ezhava Association?

78918. The Grant Trung Road was built by:

78919. Who gave the slogan Do or Die?

78920. In which session the Indian National Congress split into two groups?

78921. All India Muslim League was founded on:

78922. Gandhiji started in 1942 his third major movement against the British rule.What was it?

78923. Abstention Movement(Nivarthana agitation)was in the year:

78924. Who was the leader of Guruvayur Sathyagraha?

78925. What was the previous name of Nayar Service Society?

78926. Mahatma Gandhi started Salt sathyagraha on:

78927. Who among the following is associated with Ayyavazhi?

78928. Who wrote the book Kristhu Matha Chedanam?

78929. What was the last words of Mahatma Gandhi?

78930. Where was the first session of Indian National Congress held?

78931. Which poem of Kumaranasan portrays the story of Matangi?

78932. Which among the following is a Megalithic burial site in Kerala?

78933. Who established the satras in Assam?

78934. ”Thanas”was established during the British period by:

78935. Seed Act was passed in:

78936. Flowering hormone used in pineapple:

78937. A Selective herbicide:

78938. Size of silt particle:

78939. Irrigation method most suitable for vegetable crops:

78940. Aromatic and medicinal plants research station is located at:

78941. Uzi fly is the pest of:

78942. Gladiolus is propagated by:

78943. Non branching variety of tapioca:

78944. Coconut hybrid preferred for cultivation in root with affected areas:

78945. Centre of origin of rubber:

78946. Pheromone used for controlling melon fruit fly:

78947. A dioecious cucurbit

78948. Biopesticide containing Bacillus thuringiensis:

78949. Point out the correct statements are correct about the program below? #include<stdio.h> int main() { char ch; while(x=0;x<=255;x++) printf("ASCII value of %d character %c\n", x, x); return 0; }

78950. Karate is the trade name of:

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