current-affairs-2016-12-11 Related Question Answers

1. Name the country with which India on 9 December 2016 signed a civil nuclear cooperation agreement.

2. Konkan 16 that recently commenced in Mumbai, Maharashtra is an annual maritime exercise between which of the following countries?

3. High Court of the state has struck down the Special Backward Classes reservation given to Gujjars and five other communities of the state. Name the state.

4. Which of the following countries was recently removed from the South America's trade group Mercosur?

5. Fisher recently made a comeback in the state of Washington, USA. The species belong to which of the family?

6. Who was recently awarded with the 2016 IAAF female Athlete of the Year award?

7. Who was recently awarded with the 2016 IAAF male Athlete of the Year award?

8. Name the first American astronaut to Orbit Earth who passed away recently.

9. Which State government has proposed the making of an anti-child trafficking panel?

10. Hindi language fetched what rank on the 2016 World Power Language Index (PLI)?

11. What was the theme of the 2016 World Soil Day?

12. The Ministerial Conference of the Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process concluded with adopting a declaration. Name it.

13. The Archaeological Survey of India has discovered a 10,500-year-old camping site. Where is it located?

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