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1. The National Green Tribunal has banned camping activities within 100 m of which prominent Indian River?

2. Name the historic city that was recaptured by the Syrian troops back by Russian jets by the Islamic State (IS) in March 2017.

3. Who of the following won the 89th Academy Awards for the Best Actor?

4. The Union Government recently notified the Specified Bank Notes (Cessation of Liabilities) Act, 2017. As per the Act, a person can hold how many notes if it is for the purposes of study, research or numismatics?

5. The term SWATHI that was in news refers to a

6. Which among the following statements was not included in Trump's first address to the US congress?

7. Which one of the following edicts mentions the personal name of Ashoka?

8. Which movie won the Audience Award at the Glasgow Film Festival 2017?

9. Who won the 2017 Hockey India League title?

10. Which Indian city was named as the Richest Indian city as per the New World Wealth report 2017?

11. Which of the following movies won the 89th Academy Awards for the Best Picture?

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