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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1084

54201. Figure shows a portion of linear v - i characteristics of diode. If applied voltage is + 6 V, the current will be

54202. A power transistor dissipates 5 W. If ambient temperature is 30° and case to air thermal resistance is 10° C/W, the case temperature is

54203. An R-C coupled amplifier has mid-frequency gain of 200 and a frequency response from 100 Hz to 20 kHz. A negative feedback network with β = 0.2 is incorporated into the amplifier circuit, the Bandwidth will be

54204. In figure the zener current

54205. In a commercially available good power supply the voltage regulation is about

54206. In the circuit of figure the diode

54207. The most commonly used bias in BJT amplifier circuits is

54208. In the circuit of figure, v1 = v2 = 10 V. Then

54209. The inverting op-amp shown in the figure has an open loop gain to 100. The closed loop given is

54210. In a voltage regulated power supply the zener operates in the breakdown region when (Vin is input voltage and Vz is zener breakdown voltage)

54211. The parameter h11 for CB circuit is higher than that for CE circuit.

54212. Figure shows a self bias circuit for FET amplifier, ID = 4 mA. Then IS =

54213. In the CE equivalent circuit of figure, the voltage gain is

54214. In a CE amplifier

54215. The voltage gain of an amplifier without and with feedback are 100 and 20. The negative feedback is

54216. In the circuit shown in figure, RC = 10k, RE = 150Ω, β = 100, I = 1 mA. The value of , will be

54217. Calculate the conductivity of pure silicon at room temperature when the concentration of carriers is 1.6 x 1010 per cm3. Take μe = 1500 cm2/V-sec, μh = 500 cm2/V-sec at room temperature,

54218. A potential of 7 V is applied to a silicon diode. A resistance of 1 kΩ is also connected in series. If the diode is forward biased, the current in the circuit is

54219. Which of the following?

54220. In a transistor E mode the collector current with the transistor in cut off region is

54221. Two CE stages, 1 and 2 are coupled through a capacitor. VCC is the same for both. Base resistances RB1 and RB2 are such that RB1 > RB2. Then

54222. In a two stage CE amplifier circuit, the ac collector resistance of the first stage depends on

54223. In a CE amplifier the ac cut off voltage is 9 V and slope of ac load line is - 0.5 mA/V. The ac saturation current is

54224. For dc the current through coupling capacitor in CE amplifier circuit is

54225. In a CE amplifier the collector resistance is short circuited. The ac output voltage will

54226. In a transistor CE mode, VCC = +30 V. If the transistor is in cut off region, VCE =

54227. The dc load current in a bridge rectifier circuit is 10 mA. The dc load current through each diode is

54228. An integrating amplifier has resistance in feedback path.

54229. The units of transistor h parameters h11 and h22 are the same.

54230. Positive feedback is mainly used in

54231. For a BJT if β = 50, ICEO = 3 μA and IC = 1.2 mA then IB

54232. In figure, ID = 4 mA. Then VD =

54233. The main application of enhancement mode MOSFET is in

54234. A circuit using an op-amp is shown in the given figure. It has

54235. Assertion (A): In CE amplifier the emitter is at ground potential for ac signalsReason (R): A CE amplifier has near unity voltage gain

54236. An oscillator requires an amplifier

54237. A full wave bridge diode rectifier uses diodes having forward resistance of 50 ohms each. The load resistance is also 50 ohms. The voltage regulations is

54238. The disadvantage of direct coupled amplifiers is

54239. A transistor has a power rating of 8 W for a case temperature of 25°C. If derating factor is 30 mW/°C, the power rating for 55°C, case temperature is

54240. In figure VBE = 0.7 V. The base current is

54241. An ideal power supply has

54242. In a self bias circuit for CE amplifier, the emitter resistance is made three times the original value. The collector current will

54243. A P-channel MOSFET operating in the enhancement mode is characterized by Vt = - 4 V and IDQ = - 10 mA, when VGSQ = - 5.5 V, what will be VGSQ if IDQ = -15 mA and ID, on = - 16 mA

54244. If the Q of a single stage single tuned amplifier is doubled, the bandwidth will

54245. In full wave rectification, if the input frequency is 50 Hz, then frequency at the output of filter is

54246. The circuit in the given figure is

54247. The turn ratio of a transformer is 20:1, if a load of 10Ω is connected across the secondary, what will be the effective resistance seen looking into the Primary?

54248. In a CE amplifier circuit the ac voltage between emitter and ground

54249. A 120 V, 30 Hz source feeds a half wave rectifier circuit through a 4 : 1 step down transformer, the average output voltage is

54250. The slew rate of an ideal op-amp is

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