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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1107

55351. The pole-zero configuration of the given figure can be for

55352. Which of the following represents constant magnitude locus for M = 1?

55353. Assertion (A): A synchro control transformer has nearly constant impedance across its rotor terminals.Reason (R): Rotor of a synchro control transformer is cylindrical so as to give uniform flux distribution.

55354. The log magnitude plot of the given figure is for

55355. Consider the following statements relating to synchrosRotor of control transformer is either disc shaped or umbrella shapedRotor of transmitter has low magnetic reluctanceTransmitter and control transformer pair act as error detector Out of above the correct statements are

55356. For a second order system the damping factor is varied from 0 to 1. The locus of poles is

55357. Assertion (A): The function has a double pole at s = - 5.Reason (R): If the function [G(s)] (s + p)n for n = 1, 2, 3 ... has a finite non-zero value at s = - p, then s = - p is called a pole of order n.

55358. In a synchro transmitter, which coil acts as primary?

55359. Assertion (A): The transient performance of a control system is generally analysed by using unit step function as reference input.Reason (R): Impulse is the most common input found in practice.

55360. For a second order system ωn is natural frequency, ωd is frequency of damped oscillations and ζ is damping factor. Then

55361. In force voltage analogy the quantity analogous to spring constant K is

55362. The log magnitude curve of factor jω is a straight line having a slope of 20 dB/decade.

55363. Time rate of change in heat energy is analogous to

55364. Assertion (A): In control system velocity error is not an error in velocity but is an error in position due to a ramp input.Reason (R): For a type of system velocity error is zero.

55365. Choose the correct word which very closely fits each definition. A cartographer makes ..........?

55366. Assertion (A): For an underdamped system with damping ratio ξ, the maximum overshoot is e-ξp /(1-ξ2)0.5Reason (R): Peak time of a second order under damped system = p /ωd where ωd is frequency of damped oscillations.

55367. I-PD controlled system has

55368. Assertion (A): Laplace transform of impulse function is equal to area under the impulse.Reason (R): An impulse function whose area is unity is called unit impulse function.

55369. Who among the following was not a member of constituent assembly?

55370. Integral error compensation changes a second order system to

55371. Assertion (A): If integral control action is included in the controller the offset can be eliminated.Reason (R): Integral control action may lead to oscillatory response.

55372. An ac tachometer has a drag cup construction so that

55373. If the breakaway and break in points in the root locus are located at

55374. The constant M loci on G(s) plane are a family of circles.

55375. Assertion (A): Feedback control systems offer more accurate control than open loop systems.Reason (R): The feedback path establishes a link for comparison of input and output and subsequent error correction.

55376. Examine the following statements Pneumatic systems are fire proof.Pneumatic systems are explosion proof.Hydraulic systems are explosion proof.Hydraulic systems are fire proof. Which of the above statements are correct?

55377. For the given figure the equation of motion is

55378. The addition of a zero to the open loop transfer function

55379. Assertion (A): For a given system only one of the static error constants is finite and significant.Reason (R): If finite static error constant is large, the loop gain becomes smaller as ω approaches zero.

55380. If a zero is added to a second order underdamped system

55381. PID controlled system has

55382. In case of synchro error detector the electrical zero position of control transformer is obtained when angular displacement between rotors is

55383. The country known as the playground of Europe?

55384. For Bode plot of (1 + jωT) has

55385. ‘Say No to Racism’ is a banner raised before every match of?

55386. For low frequencies such that , the log magnitude of factor is 0 dB.

55387. Assertion (A): The closeness of G(jω) locus to (- 1 + j0) point can be used as a measured of margin of stability.Reason (R): When the G(jω) locus comes close to encircling (- 1 + j0) point the system becomes oscillatory.

55388. For the system of the given figure |G(jω)| = 0 dB at ω =

55389. The capacitance of a gas pressure vessel is defined as

55390. The slope of log magnitude curve changes by - 40 dB/decade at a certain frequency and the error between asymptote and actual curve is positive. This means that

55391. A system has high gain and phase margin. The system is

55392. For the transfer function , the polar plot a is

55393. A proportional controller is basically

55394. A network has . Then

55395. The given figure shows log magnitude versus ω plots of a system for different values of gain. For this system

55396. The purpose of series quadrature windings in amplidyne is to

55397. For the transport lag G(jω) = e-jωT, the phase angle

55398. In classical analogue, torque is analogous to

55399. The pole zero plot of the given figure is for

55400. For the function G(s) = the poles are at

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