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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1227

61351. For making a capacitor it is better to have a dielectric having

61352. In solid insulator materials having only one kind of atom, the types of polarization which exist are

61353. Schrodinger wave equation is a

61354. Debye temperature of metals is

61355. If Bmax is the maximum flux density, eddy current loss is proportional to

61356. As the viscosity of a liquid increases, the relaxation time

61357. A wire is carrying current I. The field intensity H at a distance r from the wire

61358. The materials which become polarized on the application of mechanical stress are called piezoelectric.

61359. A vacuum parallel plate capacitor is charged. The field between the plates is 2 x 104 V/m. If the space between the plates is filled with a material having ∈r = 10, then the value of field in the dielectric will be

61360. Which inductor is linear?

61361. The two conductors of a transmission line carry equal current I in opposite direction. The force on each conductor is

61362. Which inductor is used at high frequencies?

61363. Magnetisation of a material is the magnetic dipole moment per m3.

61364. On the basis of the type of chemical bonds, solids may be classified into

61365. The units for intrinsic strength of dielectric are

61366. Specific resistance of silver is about

61367. The v-i relation for an arc is v = 44 + . If v = 50 V, i =

61368. Assertion (A): If an electron having charge e is revolving in an orbit of radius R and with angular velocity ω, the magnetic dipole moment of orbit is 0.5 eωR2.Reason (R): Orbital angular momentum and magnetic dipole moment are always equal.

61369. A leakage capacitor can be represented by a capacitance C and resistance R in parallel C.

61370. Electric dipole moment is expressed in debye unit.

61371. A vacant electronic state moves in the same direction as would a positive charge carrier.

61372. Piezoelectricity means the slight change in dimensions of a specimen when an electric field is applied.

61373. Many compounds also exhibit semiconducting properties.

61374. For magnetic shielding, we need a ferromagnetic material.

61375. Assertion (A): Electronic polarizability increases as atoms becomes larger.Reason (R): For rare gas, ∈0(∈r - 1) E = Na e, where N is number of atoms/m3 and a e is electronic polarizability of material.

61376. In a metal, the valence electrons

61377. All magnetic materials exhibit the phenomenon of saturation.

61378. In p type semiconductor, the conductivity due to holes is (e = charge on hole, μp = hole mobility, p = hole concentration)

61379. The number of protons in a silicon atom are

61380. The fact that domains exhibits spontaneous magnetisation is

61381. Assertion (A): Hall effect is used to determine whether the semi- conductor is p or n type.Reason (R): Under the influence of field, holes and electrons move in opposite direction.

61382. The most important set of specifications of transformer oil include

61383. Nickel is a non-magnetic material.

61384. With increase in temperature, the electrical conductivity would

61385. An electron for which l = 0 has zero orbital magnetic dipole moment.

61386. The clutch is located between the engine and:

61387. If a small amount of Cu is added to Ni conductor, then

61388. When a dielectric material is subjected to alternating field, the absorption of energy by the material from the field is given by the imaginary part of polarizability.

61389. Assertion (A): If an atom of polarizability a is placed in homogeneous field E, the energy stored is 0.5 a E2.Reason (R): Capacitance of an isolated conducting sphere R in vacuum is 4 p ∈0 R farads.

61390. Which of the following are true for relative dielectric constant? It is dimensionless.It is equal to 1 for vacuum.It is equal to 1 for all substances.

61391. Schrodinger wave equation is partial differential equation.

61392. Hall effect is observed in a specimen (metal or semi- conductor) when it is carrying current and is placed in a magnetic field. The resultant electric field inside the specimen is

61393. The capacitance of a capacitor is not affected by

61394. Carbon steel has a residual flux density of 1 Wb/m2.

61395. When an atom of polarizability a is placed in an electric field E, the energy stored in atom is 0.5 a E2.

61396. The charge per proton is

61397. In terms of Planck's constant h, the orbital angular momentum of an electron is

61398. The merger of hole and free electron is called

61399. The magnetic quantum number determines the component of angular momentum along a prescribed direction.

61400. An electron is moving around a proton, in a circle of radius R. If flux density in the region is increased from zero to B, the force on the electron is

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