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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1268

63401. Three impedances (3 + j 4) Ω each are connected in star. The impedances of equivalent delta circuit will be

63402. Find Vth in the circuit

63403. A heater is rated at 230 V, 5 A AC. Then

63404. KCL is a statement of principle of conservation of energy.

63405. In an underdamped RLC series circuit, the natural frequency is ωn. The frequency of damped oscillations is

63406. The equivalent inductance measured between the terminals 1 and 2 for the circuit shown in the figure is

63407. A dc network has 3 independent nodes and 4 loops. In total analysis, the number of equations is

63408. In the circuit, S was initially open. At time t = 0, S is closed. When the current through the inductor is 6 A, the rate of change of current through the resistor is 6 A/s. The value of the inductor would be

63409. A series circuit has R = 5 Ω and C = 10 μF. It is switched on to a 12 V dc battery at t = 0. The current in the circuit will be maximum

63410. If V = 4 in the figure, the value of Is is given by

63411. A current of 1 A in the coil of an iron cored electromagnet causes B = 0.5T. If current is 2A, B =

63412. Two current sources each of rms value 10 A have frequencies 40 Hz and 50 Hz respectively. They are connected in series, the expression for resultant wave is

63413. To find the current in a 20 Ω resistance connected in a circuit, Norton's theorem is used. IN = 7.5 A. The current though 20 Ω resistance.

63414. While calculating Norton's resistance, all current sources are short circuited.

63415. The voltage of the source in circuit shown __________ if i(t) = - 20e-2t is

63416. In an R-L-C series circuit, R = 2/L/C . If R is doubled

63417. The Gaussian filter characteristic figure is realizable.

63418. A coil of resistance R and inductance L is connected in series with 10 mF capacitor. The resonant frequency is 1000 Hz. Another 10 F capacitor is connected in parallel with the above capacitor. The new resonance frequency will be

63419. Who is the author of ‘Rubaiyat’?

63420. In the circuit shown, the steady state is reached with S open S is closed at t = 0, the current I in the 1 Ω resistor connected is to be determined at t = 0+ is given by

63421. The value of the inductance of coil in which a current increases linearly from zero to 0.1A in 0.2 second producing a voltage of 5 volts is __________ .

63422. An RLC series circuit is excited by an ac voltage v = 1 sint. If L = 10 H, C = 0.1 F peak value of voltage across R is

63423. If all other parameters are the same, a capacitor with mica as dielectric has higher capacitance than air capacitor.

63424. If V = 100 ∠ 16°, the (V) is

63425. As the diameter of a wire is doubled, the resistance becomes

63426. A series resonant circuit has R = 10 Ω, L = 1 μH and C = 1 mF. If R is increased to 20 Ω the resonant frequency

63427. Assertion (A): Two terminal black boxes of R and C can be identified by plotting their static V-I characteristics.Reason (R): The V-I characteristic of resistance is a straight line of slope R passing through origin.

63428. In figure, VAB =

63429. In figure, the effective resistance across AB is

63430. In a shear box test the failure plane is:

63431. The dc voltage applied to an R-L series circuit is suddenly changed from V1 to V2. The expression for transient current is

63432. One ampere means the flow of

63433. For the following circuit a source of V1(t) = e-2t is applied, then the resulting response V2(t) is given by

63434. When R and C are connected in parallel, phase angle of Y is positive.

63435. Two phasors having rms values V1 and V2 which are added to give a phasor having rms value V3. V3 is maximum if phase angle between V1 and V2 is

63436. A current of 1 A in the coil of an iron cored electromagnet cause a flux density of 0.2.T. If the current is 2 A, B=

63437. If the L.T. of the voltage across a capacitor of value 1/3 F is , then the value of the current through the capacitor at t = 0+ is

63438. In figure, the current I4 is

63439. For the circuit shown in the figure, the current I is

63440. Name the most important God of Sangam age.?

63441. A band elimination constant k filter has series resonant circuit in series arms.

63442. If e = 110 sin (ωt + p /3) and i = 5 sin (ωt - p /3), the impedance of the circuit is

63443. Two sinusoidal waves 1 and 2 have peak values Vm1 and Vm2. Wave 1 is leading wave 2 by ∠θ. Which of the following is correct?

63444. Ohm's law is valid for

63445. In figure, the steady state current through 1H inductance is

63446. Impedance Z as shown in the given figure is

63447. A resistance R, inductance L and capacitance C are in series. The source frequency is adjusted to be equal to resonant frequency. The lower half power frequency is ω1. Another resistance R is added in series with the circuit. The new lower half power frequency will be

63448. The strength of controlled voltage source depends on

63449. Slope deflection method is:

63450. In figure the open circuit emf is

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