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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1277

63851. A resistance of 5 ohms is connected in one branch of a network. The current in this branch is 2.2. A. If the resistance is increased to 7.5 Ω, the remaining circuit being the same, the current in this branch will be

63852. A constant k high pass filter has fc = 3000 Hz. At f = 1000 Hz, the phase shift is

63853. For an RC impedance function Z

63854. In figure, the effective capacitance between A and B is

63855. If Va1, Va2, Va0 are the symmetrical components of Va, then

63856. In

63857. In drawing phasor diagram

63858. As the number SWG increases, area of cross-section decreases.

63859. In ZRC (s) has a pole at s = ∞, the last element in first Foster realization is

63860. The transient currents are due to

63861. When a lead acid cell is in fully charged condition the specific gravity of electrolyte is about 1.22.

63862. In ZRC(s) has a pole at s = 0, the first element in first Foster realization is

63863. An impedance function has term . The realizations would give

63864. If f(t) = r (t - a), F(s) =

63865. For the network in figure, which of the following expressions gives the value of net inductance between terminals A and B L1 ± L2L1 ± L2 ± ML1 ± L2 - 2ML1 ± L2 ± 2M Select the answer using the following codes

63866. The parallel RLC circuit shown in figure is in resonance. If

63867. An ideal voltage source can not be converted into an equivalent current source.

63868. Load ZL for maximum power transfer is

63869. Eddy current loss is proportional to

63870. Which is correct for a driving point function?

63871. In the circuit, the value of the voltage source E is

63872. The r.m.s. value of a half-wave rectified current is 100 A. Its value for full-wave rectification would be __________ amperes.

63873. The sum of positive real function is positive real.

63874. Assertion (A): KCL is dual of KVL.Reason (R): Node is dual of mesh.

63875. For a 2 port network, the O/P short circuit current was measured with a 1 volt source at the I/P then value of the current gives

63876. The time constant of the capacitance circuit is defined as the time during which voltage

63877. Figure shows the V-i characteristics of a material. The material is likely to be

63878. How much r.m.s. current does a 300 W, 200 V bulb take from the 200V, 50 Hz power line?

63879. In a series R-L-C circuit, the voltage across inductance will be maximum

63880. In the circuit shown in the given figure, power dissipated in the 5 Ω resistor is

63881. Assertion (A): A parallel resonant circuit is also called anti-resonant circuit.Reason (R): In a parallel resonant circuit impedance is maximum at resonance.

63882. Fourier transform and F(jω) of a signal f(t) has the property

63883. If f(t) = δ(t), F(s) =

63884. In figure, the current I is

63885. Figure shows the variation of Z(ω) for a positive real function. The function is

63886. The voltage drop per ampere-metre of an aluminium conductor is higher as compared to a copper conductor of the same size due to its higher

63887. A n-port network is said to be active if power in the ckt is __________ .

63888. When a current flows through a coil of insulated wire, the coil shows the properties of a magnet.

63889. Transformer coil is an insulator.

63890. Assertion (A): An impulse has very high magnitude but very small duration.Reason (R): A pulse function is always rectangular.

63891. The active elements on the positive and negative plates of lead acid battery are:

63892. Millman's theorem is the best to find

63893. The transfer function is for

63894. Pulverizing clinkers and mixing--------results in the material called cement.

63895. The units of resistivity are ohm-metre.

63896. A cut set schedule shows

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