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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1403

70151. Statements: Industrial Revolution which first of all started in Europe has brought about modern age. Conclusions: Disparity between rich and poor results in revolution. Revolution overhauls society.

70152. Statements: The T.V. staff deserves an applaud for showing booth capture. Conclusions: T.V. aims at showing things in their true perspective. People involved in booth capturing have been recognised and are being tried by law.

70153. Statements: America's defence secretary reiterated that they would continue to supply arms to Pakistan. Conclusions: Pakistan is incapable of manufacturing arms. It would ensure peace in the region.

70154. Statements: Fortune favours the brave. Conclusions: Risks are necessary for success. Cowards die many times before their death.

70155. Statements: Irregularity is a cause for failure in exams. Some regular students fail in the examinations. Conclusions: All failed students are regular. All successful students are not regular.

70156. Statements: In case of outstanding candidates, the condition of previous experience of social work may be waived by the admission committee for M.A. (Social work). Conclusions: Some of the students for M.A. (Social work) will have previous experience of social work. Some of the students for M.A. (Social work) will not have previous experience of social work.

70157. Statements: Today out of the world population of several thousand million, the majority of men have to live under governments which refuse them personal liberty and the right to dissent. Conclusions: People are indifferent to personal liberty and the right to dissent. People desire personal liberty and the right to dissent.

70158. Statements: Double your money in five months - An advertisement. Conclusions: The assurance is not genuine. People want their money to grow.

70159. Statements: The XYZ Medical College has started a cell which will conduct counselling workshops in the field of stress management to patients and general public. Conclusions: The hospital has needed resources to start such activity. Patients and general public feel a need to have such cell in the hospital.

70160. Statements: The Prime Minister emphatically stated that his government will make every possible effort for the upliftment of poor farmers and farmhands. Conclusions: Except poor farmers and farmhands, all others have got benefits of fruits of development. No serious efforts have been made in the past for upliftment of any section of the society.

70161. Statements: A neurotic is a non-stupid person who behaves stupidly. Conclusions: Neuroticism and stupidity go hand in hand. Normal persons behave intelligently.

70162. Statements: We should inform all our officers not to read newspapers during office hours - Chief Manager tells. Chief Administrator. Conclusions: Reading newspapers during office hours is desirable. Office efficiency will not increase by stopping this.

70163. Statements: The Cabinet of State X took certain steps to tackle the milk glut in the state as the cooperatives and government dairies failed to use the available milk. - A news report. Conclusions: The milk production of State X is more than its need. The Government and co-operative dairies in State X are not equipped in terms of resources and technology to handle such excess milk.

70164. Statements: Video libraries are flourishing very much these days. Conclusions: People in general have got a video craze. It is much cheaper to see as many movies as one likes on videos rather than going to the cinema hall.

70165. Statements: Although the education system has progressed from the point of view of the number of schools, most of them are ill-equipped and have not achieved excellence in imparting education. Conclusions: In future, we should provide good teachers and equipment to these schools. We need not open any more schools in the future.

70166. Statements: This book 'Z' is the only book which focuses its attention to the problem of poverty in India between 1950 and 1980. Conclusions: There was no question of poverty before 1950. No other book deals with poverty in India during 1950 to 1980.

70167. Statements: For over three decades Company X has been totally involved in energy conservation, its efficient use and management. Conclusions: The Company has yet to learn and acquire basic things in this area. It is dedication that is more important than knowledge and expertise.

70168. Statements: About 50 per cent of the animal by-products - hair, skin, horns etc. is edible protein. American chemists have developed a method of isolating 45 per cent of this protein. They used an enzyme developed in Japan to break down soya protein. Conclusions: Americans have not been able to develop enzymes. Animal by-products protein has the same composition as soya protein.

70169. Statements: The commissioner of police has appealed people not to put up banners which obstruct pedestrian or motor traffic. Conclusions: Some of the people may respond and will not put up such banners. Policemen will have to keep a watchful eye on the new banners which are being put up on the roads.

70170. Statements: The Minister questioned the utility of the space research programme and suggested its replacement by other areas of felt national needs. Conclusions: Exploring the space does not contribute to critical national needs. Research should be oriented to national needs.

70171. Statements: The secret of success is constancy of purpose. Conclusions: Constant dripping wears the stone. Single-minded devotion is necessary for achieving success.

70172. Statements: Leaders, who raise much hue and cry about the use of Hindi, generally send their children to English medium schools. Conclusions: India lacks good Hindi medium schools. There is a world of difference between preaching and practising.

70173. Statements: Any young man, who makes dowry as a condition for marriage, discredits himself and dishonours womanhood. Conclusions: Those who take dowry in marriage should be condemned by society. Those who do not take dowry in marriage respect womanhood.

70174. Statements: The 'Official Secrets Act' (OSA) enacted by the ABC government during the war seems to be one of the major source of corruption in the country X. Conclusions: The OSA has to be abolished immediately to put an end to the corruption in the country X. The ABC government had an intention of encouraging corruption in the government offices.

70175. Statements: In India, more emphasis should be placed on areas such as agriculture, engineering and technology instead of basic and pure sciences. Conclusions: India has achieved sufficient progress in basic and pure sciences. In the past, the productivity factor in our economy was neglected.

70176. Statements: If all players play to their full potential, we will win the match. We have won the match. Conclusions: All players played to their full potential. Some players did not play to their full potential.

70177. Statements: The Bank of England's move to auction 25 metric tons of gold drew plenty of bidders looking for a bargain, but was criticised by major gold producers worldwide. Conclusions: The Bank of England should not auction gold which it possesses to keep steady international prices of gold. Bidders should quote higher gold prices to retain present value of gold in the international markets.

70178. Statements: Good voice is a natural gift but one has to keep practising to improve and excel well in the field of music. Conclusions: Natural gifts need nurturing and care. Even though your voice is not good, one can keep practising.

70179. Statements: Adversity makes a man wise. Conclusions: The poor are wise. Man learns from bitter experience.

70180. Statements: The interview panel may select a candidate who neither possesses the desired qualifications nor the values and attributes. Conclusions: The inclusion of specialists on the interview panel does not guarantee that the selection will be proper. The interview test has certain limitations in the matter of selection of candidates.

70181. Statements: The President of XYZ Party indicated that 25 independent Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA) are seriously considering various options of joining some political party. But in any case all of them collectively will join one party only. Conclusions: The 25 independent MLAs will join XYZ party in a short period of time. The 25 independent MLAs will join some other political party in a short period of time.

70182. Statements: I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance. Conclusions: Writer's knowledge is very poor. The world of knowledge is too vast to be explored by a single person.

70183. Statements: Company X has a record of manufacturing cameras of quality and the latest design so that you do not spoil even a single shot irrespective of the weather conditions. Conclusions: No other company except X is reputed in the camera industry. Anyone can take an acceptable shot with camera X.

70184. Statements: India's economy is depending mainly on forests. Conclusions: Trees should be preserved to improve Indian economy. India wants only maintenance of forests to improve economic conditions.

70185. Statements: In a one day cricket match, the total runs made by a team were 200. Out of these 160 runs were made by spinners. Conclusions: 80% of the team consists of spinners. The opening batsmen were spinners.

70186. Statements: The old order changed yielding place to new. Conclusions: Change is the law of nature. Discard old ideas because they are old.

70187. Statements: Government has spoiled many top ranking financial institutions by appointing bureaucrats as Directors of these institutions. Conclusions: Government should appoint Directors of the financial institutes taking into consideration the expertise of the person in the area of finance. The Director of the financial institute should have expertise commensurate with the financial work carried out by the institute.

70188. Statements: Population increase coupled with depleting resources is going to be the scenario of many developing countries in days to come. Conclusions: The population of developing countries will not continue to increase in future. It will be very difficult for the governments of developing countries to provide its people decent quality of life.

70189. Statements: Prime age school-going children in urban India have now become avid as well as more regular viewers of television, even in households without a TV. As a result there has been an alarming decline in the extent of readership of newspapers. Conclusions: Method of increasing the readership of newspapers should be devised. A team of experts should be sent to other countries to study the impact of TV. on the readership of newspapers.

70190. The second capital of Ezhimala Kingdom was

70191. Who was not an astronomer in ancient Kerala?

70192. The first Speaker of Indian Lok Sabha is

70193. Who is known as the father of ‘Panchayati Raj’system?

70194. Who was not involved in the Faqir uprising of 1776-77?

70195. The prevention of accidents makes it necessary not only that safety devices be used to guard exposed machinery but also that mechanics be instructed in safety rules which they must follow for their own protection, and that lighting in the plant be adequate. The passage best supports the statement that industrial accidents -

70196. To forgive an injury is often considered to be a sign of weakness; it is really a sign of strength. It is easy to allow oneself to be carried away by resentment and hate into an act of vengeance; but it takes a strong character to restrain those natural passions. The man who forgives an injury proves himself to be the superior of the man who wronged himself and puts the wrong-doer to shame. The passage best supports' the statement that:

70197. Industrial exhibitions play a major role in a country's economy. Such exhibitions, now regularly held in Delhi, enable us to measure the extent of our own less advanced industrial progress and the mighty industrial power and progress of countries like the U.K., U.S.A. and Russia whose pavilions are the centres of the greatest attention and attractions. The passage best supports the statement that industrial exhibitions -

70198. The school has always been the most important means of transferring the wealth of tradition form one generation to the next. This applies today in an even higher degree than in former times for, through the modern development of economy, the family as bearer of tradition and education has become weakened. This passage best supports the statement that for transferring the wealth of tradition from one generation to the next -

70199. Emerson said that the poet was landlord, Sealord, airlord. The flight of imagination made the poet master of land, sea and air. But a poet's dream of yesterday becomes today an actual achievement and a reality for all men. Even those who invented, improved and perfected the aeroplane could hardly have dreamt of the possibility of flight into outer space. The passage best supports the statement that:

70200. It is up to our government and planners to devise ways and means for the mobilisation of about ten crore workers whose families total up about forty crore men, women and children. Our agriculture is over-manned. A lesser number of agriculturists would mean more purchasing or spending power to every agriculturist. This will result in the shortage of man-power for many commodities to be produced for which there will be a new demand from a prosperous agrarian class. This shortage will be removed by surplus man-power released from agriculture as suggested above. The passage best supports the statement that:

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