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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 142

7101. What are genes?

7102. Which of the following is not a transcription factor?

7103. Sex determination in Drosophila involves

7104. Enhancers differ from promoters in that

7105. Methylated gene are

7106. Which of the following occur in the presence of glucose?

7107. Sex hormones activate transcription of specific genes by

7108. The lac operon is translated into __________ proteins.

7109. In the presence of tryptophan in the cell, the repressor is __________

7110. Catabolite activating protein exerts __________ control on transcription of the lac operon genes.

7111. DNA is methylated at

7112. Why are several structural genes regulated as a unit in bacteria?

7113. Alternate splicing of RNA transcripts is a mechanism to regulate

7114. Sex lethal (sxl) in Drosophila is transcribed when

7115. A mutation in the tip binding site of the repressor would result in

7116. The first protein complex to bind to the TATA box is

7117. Which of the following is not part of the lac operon?

7118. The lac operon is transcribed in which segments?

7119. 12. Being an _______ speaker, he _______ the mob to violence.

7120. The money was distributed equally ------ all the employees.

7121. 14. He will help me if he..........the answer

7122. Tea –––––– by Mary.

7123. 16. This is the boy ................. pocket was picked

7124. For every one molecule of sugar glucose which is oxidized __________ molecule of pyruvic acid are produced.

7125. In the glycogen synthase reaction, the precursor to glycogen is

7126. The active form of glycogen phosphorylase is phosphorylated, while the dephosphorylation of which active form occurs?

7127. The amount of energy received from one ATP is

7128. The enzymes of glycolysis in a eukaryotic cell are located in the

7129. When concentration of the reactants is higher than the equilibrium concentration then

7130. Which of the following is not true of glycolysis?

7131. In glycolysis, ATP is formed by the transfer of a high-energy phosphate from 1,3-bisphosphoglycerate to ADR No such high-energy phosphate donor has ever been isolated in mitochondria because

7132. ATP is from which general category of molecules?

7133. The glycolytic pathway (glucose → 2 pyruvate) is found

7134. Which of the following could act as an uncoupler of electron transport and ATP synthesis?

7135. Which of the following is not a mechanism for altering the flux of metabolites through the rate-determining step of a pathway?

7136. Phosphofructokinase, the major flux-controlling enzyme of glycolysis is allosterically inhibited and activated respectively by

7137. Which of the following regulates glycolysis steps?

7138. During glycolysis, the major energy generating step involves

7139. Fructose-2,6-bisphosphate

7140. Glucose from the breakdown of glycogen is obtained in

7141. Glycogen has

7142. Glycolytic pathway regulation involves

7143. During catabolism, only about 40% of the energy available from oxidizing glucose is used to synthesize ATP. Remaining 60%

7144. Why does the glycolytic pathway continue in the direction of glucose catabolism?

7145. The released energy obtained by oxidation of glucose is stored as

7146. A kinase is an enzyme that

7147. We passed the shops ------- windows were decorated for Christmas.

7148. “Would you care to join us for dinner tomorrow?” “_____”

7149. Are these pictures ------- sale?

7150. Orientation in printing means :

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