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74601. A shaft has an attached disc at the centre of its length. The disc has its centre of gravity located at a distance of 2 mm from the axis of the shaft. When the shaft is allowed to vibrate in its natural bow-shaped mode, it has a frequency of vibration of 10 rad/s. When the shaft is rotated at 300 r.p.m., it will whirl with a radius of

74602. The swaying couple is maximum or minimum when the angle of inclination of the crank to the line of stroke (θ) is equal to

74603. The pressure angle of a cam is the angle between the direction of the follower motion and a normal to the

74604. A pair of friction discs is an example of rolling pair.

74605. In order to balance the reciprocating masses,

74606. In a screw jack, the effort required to lower the load W is given by

74607. An automobile steering gear is an example of

74608. The frictional torque transmitted in a multi-collared shaft is same as that of a single collared shaft.

74609. In order to give the primary balance of the reciprocating parts of a multi-cylinder in-line engines,

74610. The gear train usually employed in clocks is a

74611. A mass of 1 kg is attached to the end of a spring with a stiffness of 0.7 N/mm. The critical damping coefficient of this system is

74612. Which of the following diseases is inheritable?

74613. The maximum or minimum value of the swaying couple is

74614. For an involute gear, the ratio of base circle radius and pitch circle radius is equal to

74615. A chain consisting of four links and four joints is called a kinematic chain.

74616. Which of the following is an open pair?

74617. The frictional torque transmitted in a flat pivot bearing with assumption of uniform pressure is __________ as compared to uniform wear.

74618. A reed type tachometer use the principle of

74619. In 1938, the National Planning Committee was set up under the chairmanship of?

74620. When the sleeve of a Porter governor moves upwards, the governor speed

74621. The retardation of a flat faced follower when it has contact at the apex of the nose of a circular arc cam, is given by (where OQ = Distance between the centre of circular flank and centre of nose)

74622. A thin circular disc is rolling with a uniform linear speed, along a straight path on a plane surface. Which of the following statement is correct in this regard ?

74623. The word ‘Yavana Priya’ relates to?

74624. When the speed of the engine fluctuates continuously above and below the mean speed, the governor is said to be

74625. When two pulleys of different diameters are connected by means of an open belt, the angle of contact at the __________ pulley must be taken into consideration.

74626. The maximum frictional force, which comes into play, when an body just begins to slide over the surface of the other body, is known as

74627. In a four stroke I.C. engine, the turning moment during the compression stroke is

74628. A body will begin to move down an inclined plane, if the angle of inclination of the plane is __________ the angle of friction.

74629. The fundamental equation for correct steering is (where φ and α = Angle through which the axis of the outer wheel and inner wheel turns respectively, c = Distance between the pivots of the front axles, and d = Wheel base)

74630. The height of a Watt's governor is

74631. A rotor supported at A and B carries two masses as shown in the below figure. The rotor is

74632. For internal financing of Five Year Plans, the government depends on?

74633. Which of the following is a higher pair?

74634. When the belt is stationary, it is subjected to some tension known as initial tension. The value of this tension is equal to the

74635. In a force-closed pair, the two elements of a pair are not held together mechanically.

74636. Maximum fluctuation of energy in a flywheel is equal to (where I = Mass moment of inertia of the flywheel, E = Maximum fluctuation of energy, CS = Coefficient of fluctuation of speed, and ω = Mean angular speed = )

74637. The coriolis component of acceleration acts

74638. The module is the reciprocal of diametral pitch.

74639. If the controlling force line for a spring controlled governor when produced intersects the Y-axis at the origin, then the governor is said to be

74640. The film in which Rajat Kapoor got Bharat Award:?

74641. If the controlling force line for a spring controlled governor when produced intersects the Y-axis above the origin, then the governor is said to be unstable.

74642. Of all the art form, the Renaissance’s supreme achievements were in?

74643. The inversion of a mechanism is

74644. The coefficient of fluctuation of energy is the ratio of maximum energy to the minimum energy.

74645. When the nature of contact between the elements of a pair is such that it can only slide relative to the other, the pair is known as a

74646. Where was Stockholm Conference held?

74647. Which of the following countries does not belong to OPEC?

74648. The primary unbalanced force is maximum __________ in one revolution of the crank.

74649. The instantaneous centres which vary with the configuration of mechanism, are called

74650. The displacement of the reciprocating roller follower, when it has contact with the straight flanks of the tangent cam, is given by (where r1 = Minimum radius of the cam, r2 = Radius of the roller follower, and θ = Angle turned by the cam from the beginning of the follower displacement)

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