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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1542

77101. The substance(s) which can be produced by strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa is/are

77102. Human pathogenic bacteria is/are

77103. Which of the following biochemical reaction is characteristic of Pseudomonas aeruginosa?

77104. Pseudomonas aeruginosa can be diagnosed from the pigment, known as

77105. The most popular method for typing of Pseudomonas aeruginosa is

77106. Which of the following infection(s) can be caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa?

77107. The armature Wdg of repulsion motor is excited:

77108. The main disadvantage of shaded pole motor:

77109. The armature flux opposes the main flux is in synchronous machine when the PF is:

77110. Dielectric strength of a medium is:

77111. Electric intensity is expressed as:

77112. The commonest opportunistic infection in AIDS patient in India is

77113. HIV belongs to the family retroviridae and sub-family

77114. HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is considered unique because each virus contains:

77115. Which of the following is transmembrane pedicle antigen of HIV-I?

77116. The confirmatory test(s) for HIV infection is/are

77117. A viral load test detects the

77118. Fungal infection/s frequently observed in HIV disease is /are:

77119. The screening test/s for diagnosis of HIV infection is/are

77120. The problem(s) associated with development of a vaccine against HIV is/are

77121. The commonest mode of transmission of HIV is

77122. The cells most oftenly infected by HIV are

77123. Which of the following is the spike antigen of HIV-I?

77124. HIV can infect

77125. Parasitic infection/s frequently observed in HIV disease is / are.

77126. What is the average incubation period for development of AIDS?

77127. The commonest bacterial infection in HIV disease is/are

77128. Viral infections frequently observed in HIV disease is /are

77129. Whenever two charges are separated there exist:

77130. Potential inside the hollow charged sphere:

77131. Capacitance in any circuit is opposition to:

77132. The simple measuring instrument used to transfer measurement from the steel rule to object

77133. 2 Ohm resistance having current of 2 A will dissipate the power of:

77134. The mode of transmission of hepatitis E is through

77135. Which of the following viral agents can cause diarrhea?

77136. The virus(es) which has club-shaped peplomers and infects the respiratory tract is/are

77137. Which of the following viral infections is associated with the development of hydrophobia?

77138. Which of the following viruses is star-shaped in outline and transmitted by the faecal-oral route?

77139. What is the shape of rabies virus?

77140. The species of animals which is most susceptible to rabies infection is

77141. Which of the following clinical specimens can be used for the demonstration of rabies antigen by direct immunofluorescence antemortem?

77142. If the diameter of a wire is doubled keeping the length constant the resistance:

77143. Which of the following is linear and bilateral element?

77144. Why accumulators are preferred to pmy cell in motor car?

77145. Sedimentation occurs in lead acid cell to:

77146. Kirchhoff’s law are valid for:

77147. Too long a fermentation of sauerkraut may favour the growth of

77148. Blackening in pickles occurs due to

77149. Soft pickles are made so by pectolytic enzymes mostly from

77150. Hollow pickles are obtained as a result of

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