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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1620

81001. The autographed bat from the famous cricketer Sunil Gavaskar is worth a jew's eye

81002. The speaker gave a bird's eye view of the political conditions in the country.

81003. He resigned the post of his own accord.

81004. As a politician he is used to being in the limelight all the time.

81005. I ran out of money on my European tour.

81006. Madhuri might scream blue murder, but I feel Deepali should get the promotion since she is better qualified for the job.

81007. Having sold off his factory, he is now a gentleman at large.

81008. Though he has lot of money, yet all his plans are built upon sand.

81009. His plan was so complicated that it floored his listeners.

81010. There has been bad blood between the two communities even before shouting.

81011. The curious neighbours were disappointed as the young couple's quarrel was just a storm in a tea cup.

81012. Mohan always keeps himself to himself

81013. While the ladies continued their small talk in the drawing room, I felt bored.

81014. My car broke down on way to the railway station.

81015. My father strained every nerve to enable me to get settled in life.

81016. He is always picking holes in every project.

81017. The die is cast and now let us hope for the best.

81018. Pt. Nehru was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

81019. The arrival of the mother-in-law in the family proved a rift in the lute.

81020. The prince did not take after the king.

81021. Don't lose patience, things will improve by and by

81022. Do not imagine that Dharmendra is really sorry that his wife died. Those are only crocodile tears.

81023. The P.M has pulled up Orissa partymen.

81024. He did me a good turn by recommending me for the post of Vice Principal.

81025. He believes in the policy of making hay while the sun shines.

81026. His friends advised him to be fair and square in his dealings.

81027. It is high time that India did something about the population problem.

81028. He is always standing up for the weak and oppressed.

81029. We should give a wide berth to bad characters.

81030. Turban is in vogue in some communities.

81031. The old man was cut to the quick when his rich son refused to recognise him.

81032. I requested him to put in a word for me.

81033. The dacoit murdered the man in cold blood.

81034. He has built a big business empire by his sharp practices.

81035. The secretary and the treasurer are hand in glove with each other.

81036. He never liked the idea of keeping his wife under his thumb and so he let her do what she liked.

81037. It is time that professors came down from their ivory towers and studied the real needs of the students.

81038. You have to be a cool customer and be patient if you want to get the best buys.

81039. There was no opposition to the new policy by the rank and file of the Government.

81040. The clerk wiped the nose of his employer by submitting a false bill and was dismissed from his job.

81041. I have a bone to pick with you in this matter.

81042. The new C.M stuck his neck out today and promised 10kgs. free wheat a month for all rural families.

81043. Harassed by repeated acts of injustice. he decided to put his foot down.

81044. The class could not keep a straight face on hearing the strange pronunciation of the new teacher.

81045. The parliamentary inquiry into the Bofors deal did not bring to light any startling facts.

81046. His speech went down well with the majority of the audience.

81047. Rohit has bitten off more than he chew.

81048. The detective left no stone unturned to trace the culprit.

81049. The authorities took him to task for his negligence.

81050. In spite of the immense pressure exerted by the militants, the Government has decided not to give in.

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