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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1648

82401. The milk brand of Tamil Nadu Co-operative Milk Producers Federation Ltd is

82402. Who among the following enjoys a right to vote for election of office bearers Co-operative of a society?

82403. The Regional Rural Bank is expected to serve

82404. Kerala Co-operative ombudsman scheme is constituted by means of

82405. RAIDCO belongs to which category?

82406. International Day of Co-operative is celebrated on

82407. The amount recovered by the Registrar from a person responsible for the money or property lost due to negligence,mismanagement etis called

82408. Which of the following is denoted by legal tender money?

82409. The Co-operative Arbitration Court is constituted as per------of the KCS Act.

82410. IFSC stands for

82411. ’Neethi Stores’ in Kerala started in the year

82412. K.F.is associated with the Co-operative movement of

82413. Deposit Mobilization Campaign was started in the year

82414. Which country started the Credit Co-operatives in the World?

82415. The amount available as Principal State Partnership fund can be ultimately utilized for

82416. The nodal agency focusing on Co-operative Education,Training and Propaganda in Kerala

82417. The apex society of Rubber Co-operatives in Kerala

82418. Gehan is not applicable to

82419. Which of the following societies is not functioning a three tier structure in Kerala?

82420. ’Cess Fund’is meant for extending assistance to

82421. Bye-Law amendment should be passed with------majority of members present and voting

82422. Double Compartment system is associated with

82423. The number of members in the Representative General body should not exceed

82424. The collective faming societies in Israel is called

82425. Production Bonus is related to

82426. Which of the following intermodal transport is referred to as ‘Piggy Back’?

82427. The document issued by carrier in proof of receipt of goods for transportation by passenger train

82428. The charges levied by Railways in case of failure to unload wagon within the stipulated time

82429. Which of the following is not an advantage of Rail Transport?

82430. Majority of containers are having dimension of

82431. Which of the following cost is less apparent than the other costs?

82432. Which of the following is not an assumption used in the basic EOQ Model?

82433. Selective inventory Control technique used for spare parts

82434. VMI Stands for

82435. SAILS denotes

82436. Logistic provide

82437. Logistics managers are responsible for

82438. The production system,where a company waits to produce products until customer’s demand

82439. The document which lists the exact number of items necessary to manufacture a product

82440. A supply chain is essentially a sequence of link between

82441. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer from codes given below the lists.

82442. Procurement cycle

82443. Customer order entry codes

82444. Which of the following categories of material handling equipment does a ‘counterbalanced type’belong to?

82445. Quality system model for quality assurance in final inspection and testing

82446. The integrated logistics dealing with service error and turns the mistakes into a customer service advantage

82447. The suitable method of pricing material issues in times of falling prices

82448. The most expensive system of container carriage to the ship owner

82449. The container Corporation of India Ltwas established on

82450. The container used to carry over sized cargo

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