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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 165

8251. Which of the following organism is not used in any of the traditional industrial fermentation?

8252. How is air supply to the fermentor sterilized?

8253. What are the fermentation conditions for the ethanol production?

8254. Which of the following is used for agitation in a fermentor?

8255. To maintain aseptic conditions during fermentation which of the following is needed?

8256. High ethanol concentration

8257. If starch containing substrates are used for ethanol production, yeast strain can't be used directly because

8258. Which of the following is used to check vortex and to improve aeration efficiency in a fermentor?

8259. What are different substrates used for ethanol production?

8260. Which of the following is used for aeration in a fermentor?

8261. Ethanol is produced by

8262. The Konkan Railway connects Mumbai with ————

8263. The sun’s heat and light energy reaches earth by:

8264. 2010 ല് ‍ ഹോക്കി ലോക കപ്പ് മത്സരം നടന്നത് ‌ [2010 lu ‍ hokki loka kappu mathsaram nadannathu ]

8265. The progressive street-play writer and actor who was murdered by reactionary forces in Delhi was ————

8266. Shivaji built his first fort at

8267. In a plant tumour cell

8268. Co-integrating transformation vectors must include a region of homology in

8269. Crown gall tissue

8270. Integrated nopaline T-DNA occurs as

8271. Opines are

8272. Which of the following is true about Agrobacterium tumefaciens?

8273. In the liposome mediated gene transfer in plants, nucleic acids are

8274. Advantage of microprojectile method over microinjection method for gene transfer in plants include

8275. On Ti-plasmid T-region or T-DNA is flanked by a direct repeat of

8276. Agrobacterium tumefaciens is a

8277. Microprojectile method of gene transfer in plants involves delivery of DNA

8278. Which of the following genes are constitutively expressed and control the plant induced activation of other vir genes?

8279. Integrated octopine T DNA occurs as

8280. Liposomes mediated gene transfer in plants involves

8281. Which of the following plant signal molecules regulate the expression of vir B, C, D and E in case of tobacco?

8282. Opines that are present in crown gall tumour include

8283. Intermediate vectors containing T-DNA are conjugation deficient. Thus conjugation is mediated in presence of which of the following plasmid?

8284. Which of the following is true about T DNA?

8285. Which of the following is not true about the direct repeats flanking T-DNA?

8286. The left segment of octopine T-DNA (TL) is necessary for

8287. Which of the following is not true for microinjection technique that involves transfer of DNA into protoplast?

8288. The right segment of octopine T-DNA (TR) is necessary for

8289. Opine synthesis is the property

8290. Virulent strains of Agrobacterium contain large Ti-plasmids, which are responsible for the DNA transfer and subsequent disease symptoms. It has been shown that Ti-plasmids contain

8291. The direct repeats flanking the T-DNA of Agrobacterium tume-faciens are known as

8292. T-DNA transfer and processing into plant genome requires products of which of the following genes?

8293. Because of large size of Ti-plasmid, intermediate vectors (IV) are developed in which T DNA has been subcloned into

8294. The transfer of intermediate vectors into Agrobacterium are brought about by

8295. In response to the activating signal molecule, an endonuclease is produced that causes nicks in the T-DNA. It is encoded by

8296. Microinjection involves

8297. Which of the following are used as selection marker for the cells transformed with Agrobacterium?

8298. Vir genes required for the T-DNA transfer and processing are located

8299. Plant transformation vectors based on Agrobacterium can generally be divided into

8300. Virulence trait of Agrobacterium tumefaciens is borne on

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