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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1748

87401. Amarnath is situated in?

87402. The first Indian athlete who reached Olympic Athletics final?

87403. Common Wealth Games started in?

87404. The main discovery of Chandrayaan innovation?

87405. The postal system in India was established by?

87406. The first woman President ofIndian National Congress?

87407. Netaji International Airport is at?

87408. The Prime Minister who initiate the nationalisation of 14 banks in India was?

87409. The only South Asian Member Country in G-20 is?

87410. . First state in India which start lottery?

87411. In India colonial rule was first established in?

87412. 'Where is Task Bar situated in the Microsoft Word Window?

87413. What is the help of 'End' key?

87414. What is the shortcut key to cut selected text?

87415. 'FileĆ  'Open' is used to open?

87416. 'Times New Roman' is the option of?

87417. Universal keyboard is called 'QWERTY' key board. Why?

87418. A National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development?

87419. Which country has the maximum number of Sanskrit Universities existed?

87420. Bolgatti palace is built by?

87421. Which Chief Minister of Kerala who ruled long span of time in Kerala?

87422. Who is the author of Five Dollar Smile?

87423. Which is the state where the highest percentage of Scheduled Tribe population live?

87424. The Prime Minister who received Noble Prize?

87425. The Indian woman who lived, long in space?

87426. The First Metro Rali is introduced in?

87427. Which city is known as The City of Seven Islands?

87428. Pituitary is connected with?

87429. God's own hand goal of Maradona was happened at?

87430. Who is the famous motor sports man in India?

87431. The inventor of Television is?

87432. The inventor of Computer is?

87433. The UN Secretary General, from Latin America?

87434. The biggest country in Africa is?

87435. 11th fundamental duty of Indian citizen added by 42ndAmendment in the year 1976 meant for?

87436. The National Emblem of India was taken from the ,capital of Asokan Pillar at?

87437. Indian Physicist invented optical fibre?

87438. Name the World's largest masonry dam built across Krishna river?

87439. Name the country hosted the celebration of 'World Tourism Day' of 2013?

87440. The Rocket launched Mangalyan on 5th November,2013?

87441. Which of the following, river does not originate in Indian territory?

87442. Name the British engineer designed the Metro city, Cochin as a great harbor?

87443. When Jawaharlal Nehru was making the midnight speech on the night of August 14th 1947,Gandhiji was at?

87444. A person wants to contest election for the membership of Grama Panchayat, what should be his age?

87445. All the electioneering campaigns during the time of elections are stopped?

87446. Next 2016th year Olympic Games will be held in the city of?

87447. Wankhde Stadium is situated in?

87448. What line connects the points on a map that revolve equal amount of rainfall?

87449. The first flowing ATM int heworld is set up in a Jankar Boat operating between:?

87450. Headquarters of World Bank?

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