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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1782

89101. King's Cup is associated with?

89102. How many legs does a billiards table have?

89103. Olympic Games are played in whose honour?

89104. Who was called 'the Brown Bomber'?

89105. 'Finesse' is a term associated with?

89106. Lin Dan (China) is associated with?

89107. Which sport is also known as toxophily?

89108. Who was the captain to win the toss in all the five test matches?

89109. Who was the first gold medalist in the modern Olympic Games?

89110. Who was the first football player scoring a hat trick so far?

89111. Who was the first black American to win the Wimbledon's men's singles title?

89112. Paralympics (the equivalent of the Olympic Games for disabled people) was inaugurated in?

89113. Who won his horse race even when he was nine years or age?

89114. Where was the Olympic flag first hoisted?

89115. Pele has scored goals in first-class football matches?

89116. Where was the football first played in India?

89117. Who was' called second Jessey Owens?

89118. Name the first Indian cricketer who scored a century before lunch?

89119. What is the colour of the Olympic flag?

89120. Who is Baichung Bhutia?

89121. In the Olympic Games which country won basketball title the first time?

89122. Who was called Typhoon in the world cricket?

89123. Who among the following has been appointed as the Davis Cup Non-Playing Captain of the Indian team?

89124. Who first started to write cricket literature?

89125. Who created a record of 555 dismissals in Test cricket wicket keeper as of July 2012 which still holds world record?

89126. Where can you find a beautiful race course ground in India?

89127. Where is the largest stadium in the world?

89128. Who is the World Record hold in 400 m athletic event?

89129. Who became Wimbledon Champion at the age of 17?

89130. Which place in India is called the "football capital of India?

89131. Who was the only member of the Royal Family who had won Wimbledon Championship?

89132. Carl Lwis is an expert in?

89133. Name the Indian who first took part in Olympic games?

89134. Who .hnlds-the record of fastest woman runner in India?

89135. Who was the only king to win a gold medal at the Olympics?

89136. The Reggio Emilia tournament in which an Indian won early in 1992 is related to?

89137. When was the water polo introduced in the Olympics?

89138. The Olympic movement began in India through the efforts of?

89139. Where is the Ranjit Stadium situated in India?

89140. The best country in Polo game in the world is?

89141. Who was the first hockey player to receive Padma Bhushan award in 1956?

89142. Deepika Kumari is known for his outstanding performance in which of the following?

89143. Whose birday is celebrated as National Sports Day on August 29?

89144. Bhagyashree Thipsay is associated with?

89145. Brian Lara made his world record of scoring 400 runs (not out) in an innings in which of the following venues?

89146. Who was the youngest captain in international cricket to lead Zimbabwe's all black team against Sri Lanka?

89147. Ryder Cup is associated with?

89148. 'Little Slam' is a term associated with?

89149. 'Arthur Walker Trophy' is associated with?

89150. Who among the following led as captain of most ODI events (230 matches)?

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