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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1802

90101. The Equator, the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn run through the continent of?

90102. Who was the first to classify the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?

90103. Which among the Seven Wonders listed by Antipater has survived?

90104. What is the approximate length of the Great Wall of China with all of its branches?

90105. India's national emblem is?

90106. Which newspaper does NOT belong to London?

90107. The name of news agency of UK is?

90108. The Simla Pact was between?

90109. Indian Army has been divided into?

90110. In which year was the first attempt made to enumerate the population of India?

90111. Regular census in India is held every 10 years. In which year was the first regular census held in India?

90112. Which State has the highest literacy rate in the country?

90113. Which State has the most favourable sex ratio of 1084 females per 1000 males as per 2011 census?

90114. India's first talkie film produced in 1931 was?

90115. Which sea is referred to in our National Anthem?

90116. Globe Theatre is associated with?

90117. On which river the Pong Dam has been constructed?

90118. Indian railways cover an approximate route kilometerage of?

90119. Which of the following is the largest employer in India?

90120. The breadth of the railway broad gauge is approximately?

90121. The headquarters of the North-Eastern Railway zone is located at?

90122. Which among the following is the fastest train in the country?

90123. Approximately how many long distance trains (mail/express) are run by the Indian Railways?

90124. The Chetak Express runs between?

90125. The total number of railway stations in the country are about?

90126. Road network in India is spread to approximately?

90127. Gurkhas rule which country?

90128. A Regional Army command is commanded by the Commanding Officer of .the rank of?

90129. How many fleets are there in the Indian Navy?

90130. Which is the Indian Navy's largest aircraft carrier?

90131. How many operational commands are in the Indian Air Force?

90132. India's first indigenously built submarine is?

90133. Green Line is related to?

90134. Who was the first woman judge of Supreme Court of India?

90135. Who was the first Indian who climbed Mount Everest twice?

90136. The period of waiting for young to be born is called pregnancy or gestation.' About how long is this for an elephant?

90137. With whom do you associate the formula E = mc2?

90138. Which country is known as Hellas to its own people?

90139. In Greek mythology, who fell in love with his own reflection?

90140. ' Wbat name is given to young whales?

90141. Which ancient Greek God is associated with dawn?

90142. Which country has the. greatest number of cars per mile of road?

90143. Cullinan, Braganza and Jonker, what would they be talking about?

90144. Who cut the Gordian Knot?

90145. Which country is the biggest arms merchant in the world?

90146. Which was the first ship to sail around the world?

90147. A fear of illness is known as?

90148. What was the title of the final book by the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy?

90149. What are frescoes painted on?

90150. From what is the South African language of Afrikaans derived?

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