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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1815

90751. Who among the following was a prominent leader of the Congress Socialist Party?

90752. Which one of the following first mooted the idea of a. Constituent Assembly to frame a Constitution for India?

90753. Who among the following was an advocate of radical humanism?

90754. Who among the following organized the Khudai Khidmatgars?

90755. Who among the following estimated Indian national income and criticized the constant drain of Wealth from India to England?

90756. The general who gave the firing order at Jallianwala Bagh was?

90757. Identify the person responsible for Chittagong Armoury Raid?

90758. The historic Hyderic House in Calcutta is associated with the name of a great leader who spent days there during August- . September 1947,fasting and praying for communal harmony. The leader referred to here was?

90759. If external pressure is applied on the vessals filled with liquid then on which portion its effect is acted?

90760. Mahatma Gandhi gave u-p his 'Fast unto death' he had. undertaken to protest against the Communal Award because? Governemnt withdrew the offer of Communal Award

90761. The mutiny of 1857 failed because?

90762. Indian Councils Act, 1909 is significant because?

90763. The first session of the Indian National Congress was held?

90764. The partition of Bengal was in reality?

90765. Give antonyms: Boldness?

90766. The foundation of modern educational system in India was laid by?

90767. The land of Morning calm?

90768. The Sea of Tranquility is located?

90769. Saddle Peak, the highest peak in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is located in?

90770. All of the 'following projects serve only one State, except?

90771. The first newsprint paper mill in India was set up in?

90772. Which one of the following is NOT a cash crop?

90773. The State of Kerala is conspicuous by the absence of?

90774. Which of the following raw materials for the manufacture of paper is used in the largest quantity?

90775. The Roaring Forties is/are?

90776. Which of the following group of two states forms the leading steel manufacturing and steel fabricating region of India?

90777. Petrology deals with which of the following?

90778. India is very poorly endowed with a few essential minerals and therefore, depends on other countries for the supply of all of the following minerals, except?

90779. India has fairly adequate reserves of gypsum, nearly half of which are located in?

90780. The age of the Earth has been estimated to be about?

90781. "A narrow coastal plain situated at the foot of the hills, runs along the coast. It varies in width from 24 to 96 Ian and is interrupted by short precipitous spurs projecting from the Western Ghat towards the Arabian Sea." This description relates to the State of?

90782. . The Roof of the World is?

90783. Aravalli ranges are an example of?

90784. Cirrus clouds are?

90785. Which Union Territory is sandwiched between Gujarat and Maharashtra?

90786. The four States of North-East India, which are reported to have more than 50 percent of the total area under forests, are?

90787. The State sprawls over the Western Himalayas and the Karakoram Mountains. It is the most northerly and mountainous State of India." This refers to the State of?

90788. The hormone responsible for the secretion of milk in mothers, is?

90789. Which one of the following sets of conditions is necessary for good cultivation of wheat?

90790. Which of the following is NOT a Root Plant?

90791. Which one of the following has the highest wind-velocity?

90792. Which one of the following regions of India is now regarded as an ecological hot spot?

90793. Which of the following plant nutrients gets depleted due to leaching by rain water and soil erosion?

90794. Water vapour, on condensation is returned to the Earth in the form of?

90795. The chief chemicals used for the manufacture of paper are?

90796. Where exactly is Akasi Chin?

90797. Ratio between two numbers is 3:2 and their difference is 225, then the smaller number is?

90798. . For the cultivation of tohacco, the soil should be rich in?

90799. The Earth turns through 3600 in24 hours. Each 150 longitude represents?

90800. Tonga’ is also known as the?

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