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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1841

92051. Which one of the following may be regarded as hazardous waste?

92052. Soda water is saturated with which of the following gases?

92053. Which one of the following is responsible for avalanches in snow-clad mountains?

92054. Which of the following parts of the sunlight makes the solar cooker hot?

92055. A person climbing the hill bends forward in order to?

92056. For a satellite to remain in orbit around the earth?

92057. Which of the following is called king of chemicals?

92058. Chlorination of potable water is carried out to?

92059. One of the most natural nitrogen fixation is by action of?

92060. Tincture of iodine is used as an antiseptic. It is a solution of iodine in?

92061. When the door of an operating refrigerator is opened, the temperature of the room will?

92062. The mode of propagation of heat from the sun to the Earth is?

92063. Dark winter clothing will?

92064. There are two identical organ pipes with same length and same diameter. One is closed at one end while the other is open at both the ends. The quality of sound is superior in the open-ended pipe due to the?

92065. If someone says that there is energy crisis in the country, what would it mean?

92066. Frequency of the A.C. mains in India is?

92067. Given below are two statements, one labelled as Assertion (A) and the other labelled as Reason (R) : Assertion (A) : Hot tea placed in a thermos flask, should remain hot for several hours. Reason (R) : Heat rays cannot pass through vacuum. In the context of the above two statements, which one of the following is correct?

92068. During a journey from earth to moon and back, the greatest energy required from the spaceship's rocket is to overcome?

92069. The same notes being played on the Sitar and Veena differ in?

92070. In jet aeroplanes the fuel used is?

92071. What happens when you blink?

92072. Treads on the shoe soles are made to increase?

92073. Energy is directly or indirectly received from?

92074. Modem Forensic scientists are using a most recently developed tool namely?

92075. What is a bio-fertilizer?

92076. It has been a very old practice in India to prepare pickles without adding any chemical preservatives. What is the main factor that prevents spoilage of such pickles by microorganisms?

92077. A characteristic gas smells near the unclean public urinals. Which is this gas?

92078. Milk has sweet taste of its own due to a certain sugar present in it, whereas the curd prepared from milk is sour. This change involves conversion of?

92079. The purpose of fuse wire in electric installation is?

92080. When you eat asparagus, you are eating?

92081. The characteristic odour of garlic is due to?

92082. The sense of smell would be affected by injury to the?

92083. Potato is a rich source of?

92084. Pollination is?

92085. The cellular phone system (Mobile Communication System) has a basic operational building block. It is a?

92086. Consumption of milk containing strontium-90 may result in?

92087. A large iceberg melts at the base but not at the top, because?

92088. Which one of the following methods would be most suitable for purifying water containing suspended impurities?

92089. Which mineral is not dissolved when green vegetables are cooked?

92090. A fuse is used in main electric supply as a safety device. Which one of the following statements about the fuse is correct?

92091. Which one of the following statements regarding a rainbow is correct?

92092. Acetyl salicylic acid is used as?

92093. The working of the receiver of a telephone depends upon the?

92094. Usually light travels faster than sound. However, when we switch a television set on, the picture comes later than sound. The reason is that?

92095. A tail attached to the kite flying in air helps?

92096. Which one of the following is not a mosquito-borne disease?

92097. Seedless fruits are formed due to the influence of?

92098. Dehydration in human body is caused due to the loss of?

92099. A boat will submerge when it displaces water equals to its own?

92100. Tobacco is preserved from drying out in?

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