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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2015

100751. Too much import of which commodity by India adversely affects Trade Balance and Current Account Balance ?

100752. The Minimum Alternate Tax(MAT) was introduced in

100753. scheme was launched with an objective of slum free India

100754. How many essential commodities are monitored by the Price Monitoring Cell(PMC) ?

100755. The Cabinet committee on Investments(CCI) has been established to approve the investments project which are larger than

100756. Which five year plan recognised human development efforts ?

100757. Agricultural income tax is assigned to the state governments by

100758. Who was the regulator of Chit Funds ?

100759. Which of the following Ministry compiled the Wholesale Price Index ?

100760. is a person to whom the payment is to be made by the bank

100761. Time Deposits are repayable after the expiry of a specified period varying from ..

100762. The first offshore fund The Indian Fund’ was launched by ..

100763. Social Security Fund is administered by .

100764. CRAR of 9% prescribed with effect from 31 March, 2000.In this A denote

100765. Which is the 20th bank that is included in the list of Nationalized Banks ?

100766. In October 1993, New Bank of India was merged with which of the following bank ?

100767. The National Stock Exchange of India was established in ..

100768. Which of the following financial institution hold the largest assets ?

100769. The first paper mill in India was setup in

100770. India is .. largest silk manufacture contributing 18% of the total raw silk production

100771. The first Indian modernised cotton cloth mill was established in

100772. The first Indian Cement Company Limited manufactured cement in

100773. Which committee was set-up to study the sugar Industry ?

100774. The first fertilizer industry was set-up in 1906 in ..

100775. The main component of capital account include ..

100776. ഹൈഡ്രജന്‍റെയും കാര്‍ബണ്‍ മോണോക്സൈഡിന്‍റെയും മിശ്രിതം? [Hydrajan‍reyum kaar‍ban‍ meaaneaaksydin‍reyum mishritham?]

100777. India’s share in world trade stands at .

100778. .. is the only fertilizer under statutory price control

100779. Paper Industry in India is the .. largest paper industry in the world

100780. The present currency system of India is based on minimum reserve system of note issue.It was adopted in .

100781. Which of the following is not a cause of Inflation ?

100782. The first steel plant was set up by Iron Work Company at .. in 1870.

100783. Six Decades Old Company Act, 1956 replaced by ..

100784. The most successful land reforms initiative was Operation Banga in Paschim Banga in

100785. Industries policies were not launched in .

100786. India is the .. largest producer of food in the world

100787. As on 30 September 2015 there are . Maharatnas, Navratnas and . Miniratnas

100788. National Renewal Fund(NRF) had setup in 1992, which was abolished in .

100789. First Disinvestment Commission was setup in 1996 under the chairmanship of

100790. Lead Bank Scheme based on area approach was launched in .

100791. Agricultural Price Commission was renamed as CACP in 1985.CACP mean

100792. IADP followed by HYVP was introduced during the .

100793. The Tenth plan Scheme of Food parks was renamed as the Mega Food Park Scheme in

100794. Antyodaya Anna Yojana(AAY) providing .of rice and wheat at Rs.3 Rs.2 per kg respectively to the poor people

100795. The Father of Operation Flood was

100796. India ranks.. in the milk production

100797. India is the . largest producer of fish

100798. The second green revolution was given by .. at the 93rd  Science Conference in 2006

100799. The Green Revolution was launched in the year .

100800. .. is the largest source of revenue for Indian Government

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