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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 208

10401. What is the title of the original BBC TV series on which the Hindi TV series, Kamzor Kadi Kaun, based?

10402. The loyalty program of which company is known as "First Citizen"s Club"?

10403. The following is the baseline found in the ad of which product "The man with the smooth edge"

10404. Who invented Parachute?

10405. McDonald"s, in an unrelated diversification, is planning to set up a chain of hotels. Name the new brand.

10406. Which company unsuccessfully launched a soap under the brand Protex in India?

10407. Calloway, is a leading international brand of—

10408. Which famous CEO was featured in the endorsement ad for Microsoft XP with the quote, "When I saw Windows XP in action, I was amazed. How did Microsoft get hold of my wishlist?"?

10409. Which automobile major has made a debut in the Formula One racing circuit in 2002 with its team led by the drivers Allan McNish and Mike Salo?

10410. Which famous company started as Asahi Optical in 1919 - before adopting its current name in 1957?

10411. What brand name was given , in 1924, by the Mayor of Tokyo when he released the first watch produced by Shokosha Watch Company?

10412. The advertisement of which product carried the baseline "Mom said, "Always boil the water". Moms are seldom wrong"—

10413. Who has authored the latest business best-seller Big Brands, Big Trouble?

10414. Which company owns the famous cigarette brands Charminar and Charms?

10415. What is the name of the instrument used to measure blood pressure?

10416. Which of the following countries fought the first of the opium wars?

10417. Nicolas Leonard Sadi Carnot, the noted French physicist is associated with what branch of study?

10418. Identify the odd man out

10419. ____ is namelocation on disk where files are stored.

10420. The ____ allows you to choose where to go anis locatebelow the Standards Buttons toolbar.

10421. ____ is set of computer instructions that carry out task on the computer.

10422. An operating system version designefor home use is Microsoft Windows XP ____.

10423. user-interface that is easy to use is considereto be ____.

10424. When you press anrelease the secondary mouse button you are ____.

10425. Another term for hyperlink is ____.

10426. ____ is flash memory storage device that plugs into USport.

10427. An operating system version designefor use with MediCenter Pis Microsoft Windows XP ____.

10428. graphical user interface displays ____.

10429. Underlinetext, such as text anfolder names is referreto as ____.

10430. The ____ program compresses larger files into smaller file.

10431. An operating system version designefor use with tablet Pis Microsoft Windows XP ____.

10432. The ____ displays the name of every computer user on the computer.

10433. The ____ contains commands associatewith the My computer window.

10434. Press the ____ button to have the window fill the entire screen.

10435. The ____ is the drive containing the files to be copied.

10436. ____ allows you to write on screen with digital pen anconvert that writing into characters that the Pcan process.

10437. ____ is pointing device.

10438. If woris typethat is not in Word’s dictionary, ___ wavy underline appears below the word.

10439. The _____ button on the quick access Toolbar allows you to cancel your recent commands or actions.

10440. Write one word for the following group of words : One who is experienced in a field

10441. In Excel, any set of characters containing letter , hyphen, or space is considere___

10442. ________ Software allows users to perform calculations on rows ancolumns of data.

10443. _________ represent approximately one billion memory locations.

10444. ______ cells involves creating single cell by combining two or more selectecells.

10445. The operating system is the most common type of ______________ software.

10446. When you quickly press anreleaes the left mouse button twice , you are ____

10447. The horizontal anvertical lines on worksheet are calle___

10448. To delete an incorrect character in document, __________ to erase to the right of the insertion point.

10449. The operating system does all of the following EXCEPT:

10450. During the boot process, the ____________ looks for the system files.

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