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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2101

105051. In a meeting, the map of a village was placed in such a manner that south-east becomes north, north-east becomes west and so on. What will south become ?

105052. . Six books A, B, C, D, E and F are placed side by side. B, C and E have blue cover and the other books have red cover. Only D and F are new books and the rest are old. A, C and D are law reports and others are Gazetteers. What book is a new law report with a red colour ?

105053. A cuboid has six sides of different colours. The red side is opposite to black. The blue side is adjacent to white. The brown side is adjacent to blue. The red side is face down. Which one of the following would be the opposite to brown?

105054. A geographic area with an altitude or 400 metres has following characteristics: Month J F M A M J J A S O N D Average Maximum Temp. C 31 31 31 31 30 30 29 28 29 29 30 21 Average Minimum Temp. C 21 21 21 21 21 21 20 20 20 20 20 20 Rainfall (mm) 51 85 188 158 139 121 134 168 185 221 198 86 If this geographic area were to have a natural forest, which one of the following would it most likely be ?

105055. There were - - telephone booths around, so that the old one is closed.

105056. the suspected cause for earthquakes is the construction of dams.

105057. It -rain this evening.

105058. The train was coming, the supervisor - the workers to stop working on rail.

105059. Veluthampi Dalawa - a brave fight against British Army.

105060. ADH,BEI,CFJ,

105061. A,E, J,O, -,

105062. The Area of a triangle with base 9 cm and height 12 cm is

105063. The sum of the first 11 terms of the A.P. 3,8,13,.... is

105064. If a=5,b=3 then the value of a²+ab is

105065. Marks obtained by 7 students in computer Science are 45,40,60,90,80,65,55. The median value for data is

105066. The solution set of x² + 10x + 21 = 0 is

105067. Area of a Rectangle one of whose sides is 6m and diagonal 10m is

105068. If the area of an equilateral triangle is 4sqare root of 3 then its perimeter ius

105069. If the surface area and volume of sphere are in the ratio 1:2 what is the radius of the sphere

105070. A metallic right circuit cone of volume 36? is melt into a sphere. What is the surface area of that sphere

105071. A toy is in the form of a radius 3.5 cm mounted on a hemisphere of same radius. The total height of the toy is 15.5 cm. total surface area of the toy is

105072. A circular ground of radius 7 m has a path of width 7 m around it on its outside. The area of the path is approximately equal to-. ( ?=22/7)

105073. The Minimum no. of square size tiles to fill the floor of a room measuring 9 m x 6 2/5 m, is

105074. What is the least number of square tiles required to pave the floor of a room 15 m 17 cm long and 9 m 2 cm broad

105075. A man walked diagonally across a square plot. Approximately what was the percentage saved by not walking along te edges

105076. 80,76.5,69.5,59,48,27.5

105077. 445,444,436,409,343,220

105078. 45,15,6,3,2,1,4

105079. 1,4,12,30,68,148,304

105080. 155,151,139,119,90,55

105081. A bag contains 4 red, 5 yellow or 6 pink balls. Two balls are drawn at random. What is the probability that none of the balls drawn are yellow in colour

105082. 157645.02+23.99255=?

105083. 159939.99+4/52449-120.05=?

105084. 1559.95-7.9924.96-?2=1154

105085. I. 5x2+8x+3=0 II. 3y2+7y+4=0

105086. I. 3x2-13x+12=0 II. 3y2-13y+14=0

105087. I. 2x2+15x+27=0 II. 2y2+7y+6=0

105088. I. 2x2-9x+10=0 II. 2y2-13y+20=0

105089. I. x2=144 II. y2-24y+144=0

105090. The time taken by a boat to travel a distance downstream is half the time taken by it to travel the same distance upstream. What is the speed of the boat downstream if it travels 7.5 km upstream in 1 hour 30 min ? (in km/h)

105091. Number of female members in health club A is what percent less than number of male members in health club B ?

105092. What is the central angle corresponding to number of members (both male and female) in health club B ?

105093. Only 50% of the members (both male and female0 in health club E have lifetime membership. If the number of females in health club E who have lifetime membership is 44, what percent of male members in health club E have lifetime membership ?

105094. What is the average number of female members in health clubs C, D and E?

105095. What is the central angle corresponding to the number of members (both male and female) in health club A ?

105096. A water tank has one inlet, A and one outlet, B. A takes 5 hours to fill the empty tank, when B is not open and B takes 8 hours to empty the full tank, if the tank is three fifth full, how much time will it take to fill the tank completely when both A and B are opened simultaneously ?(in hours)

105097. In a village, 30% of the villagers belong to upper economic class. The number of villagers who belong to middle economic class are 3/2 of the number of villagers who belong to lower economic class. If 6860 villagers belong to lower economic class, what is the population of the village ?

105098. Boat A travels upstream from point X to point Y in 2 hours more than the time taken by Boat B to travel downstream from point Z to point Y. The distance between X and Y is 40 km and the distance between Y and Z is 24km. The speed of Boat A in still water is equal to the speed of Boat B downstream. What is the speed of Boat A in still water ? (Consider the speed of the current to be the same.)

105099. Which of the given countries has the highest number of average employees per office ?

105100. What is the difference between the average number of post-graduate employees in countries A,B and D together and the average number of Post-graduate employees in countries F,G and H together ?

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