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105401. Find the distance of the point A(3, -3) from the origin.

105402. Find the distance of the point A(4, -4) from the origin.

105403. In which quadrant does the point(9, 0) lie

105404. In which quadrant does the point(0, 9) lie

105405. In which quadrant does the point(-7, 6) lie

105406. In which quadrant does the point(9, -2) lie

105407. In which quadrant does the point(1, 5) lie

105408. In which quadrant does the point(-4, -7) lie

105409. Ifrbetherthordercentralmomentofapopulation0 ,1 and2 are:(where,=standarddeviation)

105410. If x is a continuous random variable with p.d.f. (x) = 1/2 exp (-x2/2), - x and y is defined as y = x+1, then E(y) equals:

105411. Ifavariablehasthreevaluesk,0and3kwithcorrespondingfrequenciesas3k,2kandkrespectively,thenthevalueofcoefficientofskewnessb1 is:

105412. The joint distribution of x and y is as follows Then E(x|y=1) is :

105413. Themeanandstandarddeviationofavariablexare36and4respectively.Thenthemeanandstandarddeviationof[50(x/4)],respectivelyare:

105414. Letx~Binomial(5,0.6)andY~Poisson(2)beindependent.ThenP(xy=0)equals:

105415. Inanegativelyskeweddistribution

105416. If a continuous random variable x has the probability density function

105417. Forafrequencydistributionofadiscretevariable,thediagramoflessthantypecumulativefrequencyisa

105418. Itisknownfrompastexperiencethatinacertainplantthereareontheaverage4industrialaccidentspermonth.Theprobabilitythatinagivenmonth therewillbelessthan4accidentsis:(e4=0.0183)

105419. കേരളത്തിലെ ആദ്യത്തെ ആദിവാസി പഞ്ചായത്ത്? [Keralatthile aadyatthe aadivaasi panchaayatthu?]

105420. Forafrequencydistributionofavariablex,mean=32,median=30.Thedistributionis:

105421. Let x be a random variable with probability mass function (x) = k, |x|, if x = -2, 1, 3 =0, otherwise where, K is a constant. Then the variance of x is :

105422. IfL(p)andL(q)representLaspeyres'indexnumberforpricesandquantitiesandP(p)andP(q)representsPaasche'sindexnumberforpriceand quantitiesthen:

105423. Initiallythereare9workers,allbeingpaidauniformwage.Latera10thworkerisaddedwhosewagerateisRs20lessthanfortheothers.The averagewagegets:

105424. EventSandTareindependentwithP(S)P(T),P(ST)=6/25andP(S|T)+P(T|S)=1.ThenP(S)is

105425. Theformulaforcalculatinganindexnumbershouldbesuchthatitgivesthesameratiobetweenonepointofcomparisonandtheother,nomatter whichofthetwoistakenasthebaseorputtingitanotherway,theindexnumberreckonedforwardshouldbereciprocaloftheonereckonedbackwards'whichtest ofconsistencyofindexnumberisthis?

105426. Thesystemofcombiningtwoormoreoverlappingseriesofindexnumberstoobtainasinglecontinuousseriesiscalled

105427. If'I'representsacostoflivingindex,thenthepurchasingpowerofmoneyisproportionalto

105428. Thestandarddeviationofadistributionis5.Thevalueofthefourthcentralmoment,inorderthatthedistributionbemesokurtic,shouldbe:

105429. Supposeowingtoincreasedprices,aconsumerreducesconsumptionofallcommoditiesby10%comparedtothepreviousyear.IfIL andIP arethe Laspeyres'andPaasche'spriceindicesforthecurrentyearwiththepreviousyearasbase,then

105430. Theprobabilitythatanurncontaining5ballscontainsonlywhiteballsifthefirsttwoballsdrawnfromitwerefoundtobewhiteis:

105431. Ifthetrendequationfittedfromadataonproduction(yinkg)ofafertilizerfactoryis26y=5335+624t,wheretime(t)hasunit1year.Thenmonthly increaseinproductionoffertilisers(inkg)is:

105432. LetEandFbetwoeventswithP(E)0,P(F|E)=0.3andP(EFc )=0.2.ThenP(E)equals:

105433. The annual vehicles production (In lacs) in India is given in the pie chart. If the annual production of motor cycle is 1.80 lacs, the annual production

105434. Linkrelativesinatimeseriesremovetheinfluenceof:

105435. AandBaretwoindependenteventsinagivensamplespaceandtheprobabilitythatbothAandBoccuris0.16whiletheprobabilitythatneitheroccurs is0.36,thenP(A)andP(B),respectivelyare:

105436. Iftheactualvaluesintimeseriesfrom2000to2006are77,88,94,85,91,98and90andtheequationofthetrendlinewith2003asoriginisY=89+ 2X,thenincaseofmultiplicativemodel,thetrendeliminatedvaluesare:

105437. If a time series data is given below then find three yearly moving averages to find trend. Which one of the options is correct:

105438. Theprobabilitythatacontractorgetsaplumbingcontractis2/3andtheprobabilitythathewillnotgetanelectriccontractis5/9.Iftheprobabilityof gettingatleastonecontractis4/5,thentheprobabilitythathewillgetboththecontractsis:

105439. Intimeseriesanalysiswhichsourceofvariationcanbeestimatedbytheratiototrendmethod:

105440. Ifthearithmeticmeanis26.8andthemedianis27.9,thenthemodeis:

105441. Which number would replace underline mark in the series?1, 20, 58, ____, 191.

105442. Which number would replace underline mark in the series?1, 6, 26,_____, 426.

105443. Which number would replace underline mark in the series 2, 5, 10, 17, -, 37

105444. Which of the following is exactly in the middle between the tenth from the left and the eighth from the right end

105445. How many such consonants are there in the above arrangement, each of which is immediatelypreceded by a symbol and immediately followed by a number

105446. How many such numbers are there in the above arrangement, each of which is immediately followed bya consonant and immediately followed by a symbol

105447. Which of the following is the seventh to the right of the nineteenth from the right end

105448. Which of the following is the third to the right of the twelth from the left end of the abovearrangement

105449. How many such consonants are there in the above arrangement each of which is immediately followedby another consonant but not imediately preceded by a symbo

105450. How many such symbols are there in the above arrangement each of which is immediately preceded bya number but not immediately followed by a consonant

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