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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 214

10701. Name the social reformer whose son was Nataraja Guru

10702. The year in which “Kuttamkulam Satyagraha” took place

10703. A remote of a television is related to

10704. The weight of a body is measured maximum in

10705. Founder of ‘Araya Samajam’

10706. Lime water contain

10707. In which of the following sessions in 1929, the Indian National Congress passes the resolution of 'Poorna Swaraj'?

10708. In which year Sree Narayana Guru install Siva idol at Aruvippuram ?

10709. ln which year Nair Service Society was founded ?

10710. in which year the Govt of India launched Kudumbasree ?

10711. Which Article gave special status to Delhi ?

10712. Who led “Achipudava Samaram” ?

10713. Which is the headquarter of Theosophical society in India ?

10714. Founder of “Bashaposhini Sabha”

10715. Name the magazine started by Basel Mission to familiarize Malayalee with the history and geography of Europe.

10716. World's longest tunnel Gotthard base is located in

10717. Which Article makes the Supreme Court the defender and guaranteer of the Fundamental Rights ?

10718. Which is the 24 hours Working - Gender Help Desk of Kudumbasree ?

10719. Who is the author of “Onnekalkodi Malayalikal” ?

10720. 'Ghumura' dance is a folk dance of which State?

10721. Sports to which Harjit Singh is associated with and he got fame from

10722. Leader of ‘Pattini Jatha’ from Kannur to Madras

10723. Who is the President of Congress Session held at Amaravathi in 1897 ?

10724. Name the person who died as a martyr in Paliyam Satyagraha

10725. The fort situated in which place of this State is known as 'Gaj Kila'?

10726. Name the Diwan who gave permission to Channar Women to wear jackets

10727. Which is called as 'jogi Bithai' in Bastar Dassahara?

10728. The characteristic that is enhanced by the use of cylinder sleeves is

10729. The main occupation of which tribe of this State is 'Bamboo craft'?

10730. The anti-knock property of compression ignition engine fuel can be improved by adding

10731. The major purpose of an electronically controlled automatic transmission is that this type of transmission

10732. In a forced feed lubrication system, the device used to guard against excessive oil pressure, is known as

10733. The aspect ratio (expressed in percentage) of the tyre is defined as the ratio of

10734. The torque available at the contact between driving wheels and road is known as

10735. During braking, the brake shoe is moved outward to force the lining against the

10736. The main function of an exhaust muffler is the

10737. In Diesel engines, the duration between the time of injection and the time of ignition is called

10738. 'Sarhul' is the festival of which tribe of this State?

10739. In Uttar Pradesh, lemon is largely grown in

10740. An engine has a clearance volume of 100 cm3 and a swept volume of 800 cm3. The compression ratio is

10741. 'Gross Domestic Happiness' concept has been developed by

10742. The auto ignition in a spark ignition engine means

10743. The fastest train in the world is

10744. Bastar is a tribal district in the State of

10745. 'Yaari Hai Iman Mera, Yaar Meri Zindagi' is a famous Indo-Afghan friendship song picturised in the film

10746. Who said, 'You should go to college and fill your head with knowledge'?

10747. Beton Wali Vidhwa is a short story written by

10748. Which of the following is not included in 'Panchagavya'?

10749. Highest Useful Compression Ratio (HUCR) is the highest compression ratio at which the

10750. The cetane rating of Diesel fuel is in the order of

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