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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 216

10801. Select the option: which is the logical equivalent of the statement given below If I like candies, then I don't like ice creams.

10802. If a tyre is designated as 175/65 R-14 82-S, then the aspect ratio for the tyre is

10803. In a hydraulic power steering system, the power steering pump is driven by a

10804. The included angle is the sum of the

10805. Vulcanizing means

10806. When turning a corner

10807. In radial tyres

10808. The power source for a brake booster is

10809. The most commonly used Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) component is

10810. it is necessary to maintain the valve clearance as they

10811. Wheel base of a vehicle is the

10812. The stroke of an engine is the

10813. Engine misfiring is likely to result from

10814. 12.Who is considered as the model of the people during the renaissance?

10815. 13.Which of the following techniques was NOT used in the Renaissance art?

10816. 14.Looking to the ancient past, many Romantic poets identifi ed with the fi gure of the

10817. 15.What city/cities is Macbeth thane of before Duncan dies?

10818. The function of a first compression ring (top ring) is that it

10819. Thinner is added to the paint in order to

10820. The capacity of a battery is usually expressed in terms of

10821. The process of supplying the intake air to the engine cylinder at a pressure greater than the pressure of the surrounding atmosphere is known as

10822. The caster is called positive when the top of the king pin is inclined to the

10823. Why are pistons given a coating

10824. The function of Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system is that it

10825. The basic purpose of a Four Wheel Drive (4WD) system is that it

10826. In a square type engine

10827. A Traction Control System (TCS) in automobiles controls the

10828. The characteristic that is enhanced by the honing of cylinder sleeves inner surface is

10829. If the air-fuel mixture ignites before the spark takes place at spark plug, the condition is called

10830. The vehicle ride will be comfortable if

10831. The advantage of the fuel injection system over the carburettor system is

10832. Which of the following indicates a multigrade oil ?

10833. The compression ratio in petrol engine is kept less than in Diesel engine because

10834. The service brakes employed in cars are generally operated

10835. The self ignition temperature of Diesel as compared to petrol is

10836. The condition that results in large quantities of HC emission is

10837. The engine oil viscosity is defined by __________ ratings.

10838. The diagram which shows the correct crank positions corresponding to the opening and closing of the valves, is known as

10839. The octane rating of petrol commercially available is

10840. The instrument used to check specific gravity of acid in a battery is

10841. Arc heating occurs when the air between electrodes of opposite polarity becomes :

10842. The meter used to measure the temperature of a furnace is :

10843. Which part is provided in a battery charger to prevent the flow of excessive current into the battery?

10844. A product of decomposition of plant and animal residues which is fairly stable, amorphous and brown to black in colour :

10845. What are the two relative quantities to be DC shunt generator?plottedfor external characteristics curve for

10846. What will happen to a self excited DC generator, if the generator runs in reverse direction?

10847. Cropping intensity of Kerala :

10848. The Puncha season of Kuttanad :

10849. Chemical ploughing means :

10850. The colour of light of mercury vapour lamp is :

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