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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2309

115451. Which cycle consists two adiabatic and two constant volume process?

115452. The system of subsidiary alliance was introduced by:

115453. How many stories are included in the Jatakas?

115454. Which Budhist Council was held during the reign of Asoka?

115455. Who levied the tax known as 'CHAUTH'?

115456. What is the reason for a big size fly wheel that is used in four stroke engine:

115457. Who gave the title 'Mahatma' to Gandhiji?

115458. In plunger type fuel injection pump,what movement of the plunger only control the quantity of fuel supply

115459. The ratio of heat equivalent of indicated power to the heat energy supplied by fuel is known as:

115460. Which famous part of South Indiagives evidence of Indo Roman trade?

115461. Atmospheric pressure at mean sea level is measured as:

115462. The language in which Sangam literature was written in:

115463. Dayananda Saraswathy was the founder of

115464. The Indus Valley Houses were built of

115465. Gautama Budha was born in:

115466. What was the aim of the Home Rule Movement?

115467. Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place in the city of:

115468. The capital of Mysore during Tipu Sultan's rule was:

115469. Sher Shah died while fighting in

115470. The song Jana-Gana-Mana composed by Rabindra nath Tagore was first published in January 1912 under the title of

115471. In which one of the following battles did Nadir Shah defeat the Mughal Emperor Mohammad Shah?

115472. Who among the following was the leader of Cabinet Mission?

115473. Where was the early capital of Harshavardhana?

115474. Which one of the following recorded the transformation of King Ashoka after the Kalinga War?

115475. Which among the following ended the French power in India?

115476. What portion of actual produce was fixed as the States demand under the Zabti System?

115477. Which of the following Directive Principles of State Policy was based on Gandhian Philosophy?

115478. Which one among the following was the Harappan trading station?

115479. Democratic Decentralization refers to

115480. The architect of NAM:

115481. The Indian Prime Minister signed the Tashkent agreement with Pakistan General Ayub Khan?

115482. "Navy Mutiny" took place in the year.

115483. The place where Gandhti was imprisoned for the last time:

115484. How many people accompanied Gandhiji at the beginning of Dandi March from Sabarmati?

115485. The symbols used to make people aware of the first war of Independence:

115486. The state that did not participate in the first war of Independence:

115487. The period of 'Kulasekhara' reign was between:

115488. The malayalam drama of the renaissance period 'Adukkalayilninnum Arangatheyku' is written by

115489. The editor of 'Vivekodayam' started publication in kerala in 1904 was:

115490. The poem 'Jathikummi' was written by:

115491. The year in which Temple Proclamation was issued in Travancore?

115492. 'Jeevithasamaram' is the autobiography of

115493. Who was associated with the Vaikom Satyagraha of 1924-25?

115494. Who started the historic newspaper 'Swadesabhimani' in Trvancore in 1905?

115495. The first successful political experiment of Gandhi in India was:

115496. Whom did Mahatma Gandhi described the' Prince of Patriots'?

115497. Which of the following pairs is incorrect?

115498. The National Song 'Vandematharam' is taken from the work:

115499. The president of Indian National Congress in the year of Indian Independence.

115500. Separate Communal Electorates for Muslims in India was awarded through:

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