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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 243

12151. Khangchendzonga, one of the highest national parks in the world is in the state of:

12152. Which of the following rail lines does not exist in this State?

12153. The only anthropoid ape found in India:

12154. Which river is called 'Kalindi' in Puranas?

12155. Jawaharlal Nehru attended the Congress session for the first time in 1912. It was held in:

12156. The Viceroy who introduced Budget system in India:

12157. Gandhiji addressed Tagore as:

12158. Who wrote 'Gitarahasya?

12159. Who headed Cabinet Mission?

12160. The first Independence Day of India was celebrated on .........?

12161. The Parliament of India consists of:

12162. Mahatma Gandhi returned to India, leaving South Africa for ever in?

12163. Which Article of the Constitution is related to 'Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment?

12164. The number of members in the estimate committee of Parliament:

12165. The Speaker of Lok Sabha in India is elected by the–

12166. The responsibility for framing the Constitution of independent India was entrusted to the–

12167. The amended Artic1e-45 of our Constitution directs the State to promote-

12168. According to NCTE regulations, a senior secondary teacher should possess–

12169. What does three language formula imply?

12170. What is an Open University? A University that imparts education through–

12171. In India, Education Day is celebrated on the occasion of the birthday of–

12172. The members of Lok Sabha in India are elected by–

12173. Green Revolution made India self-sufficient in–

12174. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan aims at–

12175. The Central Universities are established in India by–

12176. Which one of the following authorities has been entrusted with the responsibility for the redressal of grievances under the RTE Act, 2009 ?

12177. Juvenile Justice Act applicable for children below the age of 18 years prescribes maximum punishment of–

12178. The name of Montessori is associated with–

12179. The National University for Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA) has the responsibility to–

12180. The corporal punishment in schools has been prohibited by the–

12181. Acharya Chanakya was a teacher III the Gurukul located at–

12182. Which one of the following is the major source of Vitamin D ?

12183. Scientific temperament means–

12184. Who advocated for craft centred education?

12185. The declaration of the state of internal emergency in India in 1975 was approved by the–

12186. Who became the Prime Minister of India after Rajiv Gandhi in 1989 ?

12187. The disease hypertension is also known as–

12188. The T. V. serial 'Bharat Ek Khoj' was based on the book 'Discovery of India' written by–

12189. Comprehensive Evaluation means–

12190. World's first robot-staffed Hotel is set to open in which of the following countries?

12191. In which of the following states, the per capita availability of Milk is highest in the country?

12192. In which city is India's first post office ATM opened?

12193. At present how many credit information companies are operating in India?

12194. SWIFT was founded in which of the following cities?

12195. Who is the head of the newly formed Expenditure Management Commission ?

12196. Vistara airline started its operations in India in January What is the tagline of this airline?

12197. The NITI Aayog is headed by–

12198. According to an order issued by the Culture Ministry on January 28, Who among the following has been appointed as the new chairman of Sangeet Natak Academi ?

12199. As per Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the aim of building a clean India is by which year?

12200. The first woman officer who led the Guard of honour at Rashtrapati Bhavan on January 26th 2015 is–

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