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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2575

128751. Indian constitution does not provide any procedure to remove which of the following?

128752. Who made the first pottery?

128753. The bond between carbon atoms in Diamond is?

128754. When was ‘H.K. Firodhia Award’ come to being?

128755. Which of the following is a teacher related factor promoting learning?

128756. According to Vygotsky,which among the following factors influences learning significantly?

128757. The term socialization in educational context means that the children are to

128758. Which of these is an effective study skill?

128759. Grouping ideas or details that are stored and recalled together as a unit is an example of

128760. What are the indicators of professionalism in a Teacher?

128761. To grow and develop professionally,a teacher has to

128762. Which of the following kids of instruction is frequently cited as the opposite to discovery learning?

128763. Which of the following is the apex institution in the area of teacher education,planning and administration?

128764. The issue of academic burden on students was examined by

128765. Management of knowledge does not involve

128766. A school functions best when

128767. Which of the following is incorrectly matched?

128768. Biggest advantage of student teacher interactions is that it

128769. The story that serves best as an example for Cognitive Dissonance Theory of Learning

128770. If majority of students in a class misbehaves,it means that

128771. Young adolescents rebel to express their

128772. The instructional strategy through which students advance to a new learning concept after they have learned its prerequisite concept is called

128773. The psychologist whose research findings expressed the view that like Intellectual development,value development also takes place in stages and follows a regular sequence

128774. Learning that results from the consequence of behaviors is called

128775. A student in your class steals money.This habit can be removed if

128776. Which of the following situations will cause maximum difficulty for a child in the initial stages of teaching reading?

128777. Multiple intelligence are evidenced in

128778. Who among the following wrote that ‘Human mind at birth is a Tabula Rasa’?

128779. Which of the following deals with Philosophical questions put by Nachiketa and answers given by Yama?

128780. Information or knowledge is stored and encoded in the memory in three modes.Whose theory is this?

128781. ”Education doesn’t bring about social change;rather the social change results into an educational change.”This view of Education was of

128782. When was the Central University of Kerala(CUK)established?

128783. Which of the following teaching models involves the process of defining the concept by determining the attributes that are absolutely essential to the meaning and disregarding those that are not?

128784. Which of the following teaching models involves group interdependence and working for shared goals?

128785. Which of the following means ‘Being able to look at our own professional behavior and practice with the intention of improving and developing’?

128786. Which of the following will be most effective for teaching learning,according to Dale?

128787. Which of the following is concerned with improvement of teaching skills preferably by self practice and self-criticism?

128788. A concurrent evaluation of a programme is an example of

128789. Which of the following is NOT one of the functions of review of related literature in Research?

128790. In the Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation,the weightage given to Formative Assessment(FA)in classes VI to VII is

128791. The type of grading followed by CBSE in scholastic aspect is

128792. Which of the following endeavor to bring together all digital resources for school system for all classes,all subjects and all levels?

128793. The use of audio-visual aids for instruction does not intend to

128794. The nodal agency for implementing EDUSAT network for rural schools in Kerala

128795. The famous Quote the supreme end of educative process should be training of character and personality of students in such a way that they will be able to realize their full potentialities and contribute to the well-being of the community ‘ Is from which of the following

128796. Crisis of values occurs when there is

128797. Which of the following constitutional value is to ensure that freedom of one does not become tyranny for the other?

128798. When the teacher asks a student,”Do you like your work?What would you do to improve it”,the teacher is

128799. A value system ensures

128800. Independent learners exhibit high

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