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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 260

13001. People always admire this portrait ; is the active form of?

13002. My friend Arun..........a lot of sports.?

13003. There are many inconveniences that have to be -------- when you are camping here?

13004. .............liquids like juices and butter milk, cold drunks have no nutritive value?

13005. Summons ------- issued against the murderer.?

13006. That was not _______honest thing to do.?

13007. We..........here for an hour?

13008. It is the time of power cut, so don’t -------- the candle.?

13009. I don"t think he will ever agree____such a plan.?

13010. Usha runs ---------.?

13011. Oh! She was treating the strange boy ____ he was her own son.?

13012. I have ___ pens than you.?

13013. Something that calms the nerves.?

13014. The milk has turned ____.?

13015. The noun form of perform is?

13016. They knew him - the passive voice of the sentence is?

13017. Give the adjective of the following word ‘eat’?

13018. I ........ him lately?

13019. That which cannot be corrected?

13020. I ........ Shakepeares King lear?

13021. I am not older than you, _____?

13022. If I had a typewriter I ............ it myself.?

13023. The synonym of winsome is?

13024. He rushed..........my room.?

13025. It was a nice idea of you ____ that house?

13026. He is ______ unique politician.?

13027. When I went to see the collector he -------- a conference.?

13028. I will write to her when I ................ time.?

13029. The meaning of ‘genuflect’:?

13030. Why didn"t you apply____a bank loan?

13031. The school is now assembled ___ the morning prayer.?

13032. Choose correct one word- Person against whom a legal action is brought.?

13033. Seema prefers saree ____ churidhar?

13034. The news ____ really going to shake the Government to the roots.?

13035. Please ask _____ come and see me.?

13036. We should always ___ the meaning of new words in the dictionary.?

13037. "A stitch in time saves –––––"?

13038. You have only half an hour left, so you’d better .................... the most of it.?

13039. We ___ each other for five years?

13040. ______ novel that you gave me is very interesting.?

13041. Inspite of repeated failure he did not give ...... his attempt.?

13042. ..... was the journey like?

13043. The rider swirled the whip and the horse jumped up ____ a white cloud of dust.?

13044. Give one word of the following- Habit of saying in many words what can be said in few words?

13045. London is on ------------- Thames.?

13046. The publishers are --------- my new book next month.?

13047. She hasn’t written to me _____ we met last time.?

13048. "Don"t play at night" is a/an ___ sentence?

13049. Had Gandhiji been alive now he ____ heart broken.?

13050. He is the best speaker ------- is available.?

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